Children of Silentown Walkthrough – Chapter 2 (Heading Out)

Stuck in Children of Silentown? Check out this guide to find out how to prepare for your day out in town.

Children of Silentown Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for Children of Silentown! As Children of Silentown is a point-and-click adventure game, I strongly recommend exploring the world and getting a feel for all the various items and characters you’ll find in it. Note that this is a story-oriented guide and does not cover stickers or achievements.

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Chapter 2 (Heading Out)

The opening scene has a few prompts for you to click on to proceed. Continue with that until the scene ends and you’re back in control.

You have a lot more freedom to do things from here on out, so this guide will focus on solving problems rather than exploring things from the get-go. So to find our first problem to solve, go downstairs to talk to Lucy’s mother.

When Lucy is back up in her room, grab her clothes on the chair to the right of the room. After Lucy’s dressed, go back downstairs and talk to Lucy’s mother.

Children of Silentown

Grab the grocery list lying on the table, near the apples. According to the list (you can view it in your inventory), you’re going to need to find bread, mushrooms, veggies, and water. Head out via the front door when you’re ready.

Outside, you’ll meet one of Lucy’s friends, Sunny. Talk to her after the initial scene to learn about some stuff happening in the village. Then, let’s set out to acquire the items for the grocery list!

Head out of the alley by exiting from the lower-right of the area.

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