Children of Silentown Walkthrough – Chapter 2 (Mushrooms, Water, Square)

Stuck in Children of Silentown? Check out this guide to find out how to acquire mushrooms and water in town.

Children of Silentown Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for Children of Silentown! As Children of Silentown is a point-and-click adventure game, I strongly recommend exploring the world and getting a feel for all the various items and characters you’ll find in it. Note that this is a story-oriented guide and does not cover stickers or achievements.

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Chapter 2 (Mushrooms, Water, Square)

You should put off the bread and veggies quests for later, as they require you to complete some other tasks first. Let’s begin with acquiring mushrooms and water.

For the mushrooms, take the “red forest” route that goes up from the main square. It’s located right next to the route that goes to Lucy’s alley. In the screen that comes next, go to the right and you’ll find some white mushrooms grown next to a stone wall. Pick them up.

Children of Silentown

Lucy will return to the main square after this. To get water, interact with the bucket next to the well in the center of the square, then use the bucket from your inventory on the well. This nets you the water you need.

If you explore around, you’ll find a few puzzle situations to resolve: Blue’s ball is stuck in the belltower (Main Square), Silver is blocking the way to the barn (Barn area), Olivia can’t get to her veggies because her doorknob is missing (Olivia’s Garden), and the Baker is melancholy in his basement (Baker area).

These problems will have to be solved in a particular order: Blue’s ball, then the Baker, then the Barn, and finally, Olivia’s veggies.

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