Children of Silentown Walkthrough – Chapter 3 (Rope)

Stuck in Children of Silentown? Check out this guide to find out how to find the rope that you need to craft the grappling hook.

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Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for Children of Silentown! As Children of Silentown is a point-and-click adventure game, I strongly recommend exploring the world and getting a feel for all the various items and characters you’ll find in it. Note that this is a story-oriented guide and does not cover stickers or achievements.

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Chapter 3 (Rope)

To get the rope, first go to the Alley and use Mom’s Song on the hat lying in front of the dog. Solve this puzzle so that it matches the solution shown below.

Children of Silentown Walkthrough - Chapter 3 (Rope)

After this, Lucy will attempt to free the dog, but you’re going to need shears to cut the rope.

Thankfully, Sunny already has the shears you need, which she is using to cut flowers in the main square. Go to her and remember to exhaust any dialog options that might remain. When you’re ready to get the shears, head on into the farm and follow the instructions in the next section of this walkthrough.

Children of Silentown Walkthrough - Chapter 3 (Rope)

When you’ve acquired the shears, return to the alley and use the shears on the rope to free the dog.The good boy’s got business to attend to, as you will soon see.

Children of Silentown Walkthrough - Chapter 3 (Rope)

You can follow the dog into the path leading to the forest if you want an achievement (examine the gate there).

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