Children of Silentown Walkthrough – Chapter 4 (Corks)

Stuck in Children of Silentown? Check out this guide to find out how to find the corks you need to plug the holes in the pipe.

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Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for Children of Silentown! As Children of Silentown is a point-and-click adventure game, I strongly recommend exploring the world and getting a feel for all the various items and characters you’ll find in it. Note that this is a story-oriented guide and does not cover stickers or achievements.

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Chapter 4 (Corks)

Head back home and examine the table near the bottom of the screen, where you’ll find a cork on the leftmost side. Pick it up.

Children of Silentown Walkthrough - Chapter 4 (Corks)

For two more corks, go down to the basement and interact with the two crates full of (empty) wine bottles. Each crate has one bottle with a cork on it, so this way, you’ll get two corks in all. One of the crates is located below the sausages and one is below the fish.

Children of Silentown Walkthrough - Chapter 4 (Corks)

You can now try to put the corks in place, but it turns out that there’s a couple more things to do first. The valve is jammed in place and you’ll need a lubricant for it. Also, the corks will pop out due to the force of the water, so you’ll need to make sure they’re kept in place somehow.

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