Evan’s Remains Walkthrough – Part 2

Stuck in Evan’s Remains? Here’s how to solve the platforming puzzles from ‘One Way or Another’, all the way through ‘Buggy’.

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Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to Evan’s Remains!

To follow this guide, you’ll need to have a look at the puzzle diagrams that accompany each puzzle section. You can find out what puzzle you’re solving by accessing the pause screen. Finally, remember that each puzzle solution assumes you are solving that puzzle upon encountering it. If you mess with the puzzle beforehand, the solutions may not apply! If this is the case, then quit to the main menu and continue your game to load the puzzle afresh.

For more information on Evan’s Remains, check out the official website here.

‘One Way or Another’

Jump on 1 twice to enable 4. Jump on 2 to be teleported to 3 and jump on 4. Jump in place on 4 to drop down to 1. This will enable both 4 and 5.

Jump on the teleporter at 2 again to go to 3, then jump onto 4, then 5. Jump onto the toggler at 6. Fall from 6 down onto the teleporter at 2, which will take you to a new location. You don’t need to fall directly onto the teleporter: you can also fall to the ground and then jump onto the teleporter.

From 3’s new position, jump on the green block and then the green pillar.

‘How High?’

Evan's Remains walkthrough

Here, you encounter the Jumper block. This block will hold you for a brief moment and then launch you into the air with force. The force depends on how high your fall onto the block was, so if you fall onto the block from a very high place, you will be launched very high as well.

Jump on the teleporter at 1 to go to 2. Jump down onto the jumper at 3 and when you are launched up, move right onto the green block at 4.

Jump onto 5 and then the toggler at 6.

Fall from here onto 1 again, to be taken to 2’s new position. Jump down onto the jumper and you will be launched high enough to clear the green pillar.


Evan's Remains walkthrough

Jump on 1 twice. Next, jump on 2 and then 3. Jump on 4 and use the launch to go up to 5.

Jump onto the toggler at 6. Drop from here to 3 and then jump once more onto 4, using the launch to go to 5. Now from 5, jump back onto 4 and use the launch to go onto the upper portion of 2.

Do not attempt to jump onto 7! You won’t make it. Instead, drop back onto 4 and use the launch to go to 7. From 7, drop one last time onto 4 and use the launch to go to 8. Jump onto the green pillar to finish the puzzle.


Jump onto 1. When the teleporters move, jump onto 2, which will take you to 3. Jump in place on 3 to return to 2.

Jump onto 4 and then back onto 2, which will deactivate 4 and take you to 3.

Jump onto 5. Notice that there is a very tiny horizontal place to the upper-left of 5: this is part of 4. Jump onto this place and then jump to the right. Make sure you jump and don’t drop: you need to jump right over the vertical bar of 6, and onto the teleporter at 2.

This will take you to 3, from where you can jump onto 6 and finally, the green platform at 7. Jump from here to the green pillar.

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