FAR: Changing Tides Walkthrough – Part 12: Steam Boost

Stuck in FAR: Changing Tides? Follow our walkthrough guide to learn how to install the boost core for your ship and get a steam boost.

FAR: Changing Tides Walkthrough

Welcome to the Into Indie Games Guide for FAR: Changing Tides. This is a story-oriented guide that will help you solve the game’s puzzles and shed light on which direction to go.

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Part 12: Steam Boost

Go to the very bottom of the structure and dive into the water. Here, you’ll find a conveyor hook belt much like in your ship. Attach the fuel items to the hooks here, because we’re going to get steam running.

Get back up to the surface, drag the crate to the left, and use it to jump up.

Jump and climb up to the steam engine area and get it started in the traditional fashion – press the button below the Steam Engine to get the conveyor moving, and then press the blue button in the Steam Engine once you have the fuel for it.

Get the steam engine gauge all the way into the blue zone, and you’ll see power arcing through on the left side of the screen. You’ll also notice a blue line extending from the engine towards the machinery below – this is your boost meter. Once it’s full, you’ll be able to use the boost system.

FAR: Changing Tides screenshot

In order to get the blue line to reach the Boost machinery, you’ll have to cool down the engine a few times. Use the water hose above the steam engine to do this.

Once the blue line reaches the boost, the blue boost button will extend. Press this long button.

After the sequence that follows, climb just above the boost and press the blue button to unlock a new core for your ship.

Now go all the way up the structure by jumping and climbing, and into the little winch control at the top of the structure.

Push the lever right to lower the hook down and collect the ship core. Raise the hook again by pressing the lever the other way.

Once you have the core and the door is open, jump on the bellows to move the little pod to the left. Keep going until you’re at the very left and then lower the core down to your ship.

Now descend from the top down to your ship (or just jump), and then jump on the core to install it in your ship. This will unlock your ship’s boost functionality, allowing you to go even faster while using steam power.

FAR: Changing Tides screenshot

Now get your steam engine running and do what you did before – watch the blue line over the engine reach the boost machinery, cool down the engine as necessary, and then press the boost button when it extends.

With this, you’ll be able to push past the obstruction blocking your way. The door ahead will also make way, allowing you to proceed from this area.

FAR: Changing Tides screenshot

You can now use boost in your ship whenever you use the steam engine! Give it a whirl!

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