FAR: Changing Tides Walkthrough – Part 13: Metal Structure

Stuck in FAR: Changing Tides? Follow our walkthrough guide to learn how to get up the metal structure and clear the metal tube.

FAR: Changing Tides Walkthrough

  • Part 13: Metal Structure
  • Part 14: Underwater Reactor Entrance
  • Part 15: Reactor
  • Part 16: Seismograph Facility
  • Part 17: Icy Region
  • (More parts coming soon!)

Welcome to the Into Indie Games Guide for FAR: Changing Tides. This is a story-oriented guide that will help you solve the game’s puzzles and shed light on which direction to go.

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Part 13: Metal Structure

You will have to continue for a while after obtaining boost – presumably so you can practise using boost now that you have it. You can also just use your sails if you prefer.

Carry on through the night and into dawn. Once you reach the debris, be sure to lower your sails if they’re up, or they’ll get damaged.

You will also be blocked by as buoy, but you can get past with steam power just fine.

FAR: Changing Tides screenshot

As you approach the thunderstorm, make sure your sails are lowered again, because otherwise the sails will force you to go backwards. You’re going to have to rely on steam power for now.

Proceed through the thunderstorm and keep going – you’ll hit another buoy. Move past it with steam power.

Finally, you’ll hit a metal structure with a ladder. Push into the rusty iron sheet with steam power so that you can access the ladder.

Get up on the ship and climb the ladder to the right, into the metal building. Climb another ladder to the roof of the building, and then go up the stairs to the right.

Go right through the building and climb the ladder on the right side of the building. Re-enter the building through the door at the top of the ladder, jump across the gap, and climb up yet another ladder on the left side of the building (approach the ladder from the left).

FAR: Changing Tides screenshot

Climb all the way to the top of the structure and you’ll finally see a blue lever to work with. Head over and push it right to align one of the ‘arms’ of the structure.

Once it’s completely aligned with the other arm, go right, jump down the gap, and onto the newly-aligned arm.

Run right and press the blue button to dislodge the device.

Push the device rightwards to open up a walkway. Drop down on the walkway and run left. At the very left, drop down the walkway and you’ll find yourself on a platform with another lever.

Push the lever right to lower the great winch and connect to a rusted tube. Now push the lever left to raise the winch and the metal tube with it.

FAR: Changing Tides screenshot

This will clear up the obstruction and allow your ship to pass. Jump off the platform and return to your ship.

You can now proceed, but you’ll have to go underwater so you aren’t obstructed.

Submerge the ship, get your steam engine going, and proceed through the opened up area. You can then raise the ship back up if you wish.

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