FAR: Changing Tides Walkthrough – Part 17: Icy Region

Stuck in FAR: Changing Tides? Follow our walkthrough guide to learn how to traverse the icy regions and melt ice.

FAR: Changing Tides Walkthrough

Welcome to the Into Indie Games Guide for FAR: Changing Tides. This is a story-oriented guide that will help you solve the game’s puzzles and shed light on which direction to go.

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Part 17: Icy Region

After the cutscene, swim right through the passage and into the bigger area. Go into the pipe to the right and pull the block with the handle to the left.

Once the pipe is clear, re-enter it and pull the hatch open. Continue swimming right until you reach another elevator and use the lever to go up.

When you reach the top, swim up through the hatch on top. Proceed up onto the ice and go rightwards. Keep going right in this frigid icyness until you reach a ladder.

FAR: Changing Tides screenshot

Take the ladder up to the top of the building, open the door with the blue handle, and then enter the building.

Go left, down to the lower walkway, and then go right to another ladder. Go down to the lower floor to find a repair tool. Pick it up and go right and down to the ice floor again.

Go left and drag the crate so that you can use it to access the broken ship’s stern. Take the repair tool to the mast and fix it.

Hit the button to move the mast and then jump onto it to get a ramp up to the right.

FAR: Changing Tides screenshot

Proceed right again, across the icy wastes.

You’ll encounter another wind section – it works the same as before mostly. Wait behind an obstruction while the wind is ‘heavy’, and then go right as soon as it becomes ‘light’. If you go immediately after the heavy wind subsides, you should be able to reach the next clear area just fine.

Continue this way past obstructions and drops to the right, then when you’re clear, run right to find a different kind of vehicle.

Open the hatch of this vehicle and go down to find its pilot. Go right and activate the steam engine to heat things up.

Keep the engine going with additional fuel, so that the ice wall above the vehicle melts.

Once it has melted enough for you to get through, leave the engine and proceed through the opening.

Go right and then use the platforms to make your way up, then right again.

Carry on, sliding down the steep mountainside to be back on another ice sheet. Keep going right to find some fuel, and then a familiar sight.

Re-enter your ship and get your steam engine going. With enough power, your ship will break free of the ice and return to water.

FAR: Changing Tides screenshot

You can now proceed rightwards by steam or sail, and continue on your journey.

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