FAR: Changing Tides Walkthrough – Part 4: Sawmill

Stuck in FAR: Changing Tides? Follow our walkthrough guide to find out how to get through the sawmill and acquire the repair tool.

FAR: Changing Tides Walkthrough

Welcome to the Into Indie Games Guide for FAR: Changing Tides. This is a story-oriented guide that will help you solve the game’s puzzles and shed light on which direction to go.

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Part 4: Sawmill

In the wooded area, when you reach a couple of broken buildings close to the ship, be sure to bring the sail control all the way to the left, so that the buildings don’t hit your sail. You can also release the hook from the catch to quickly bring the sail back into its closed position.

If your sails hit the building, they will become damaged, but that’s alright – you can fix them later, and they won’t affect functionality too much.

When you approach a bridge, release the hook from the catch and press the sail button to bring your mast down. Otherwise, your mast will strike the bridge and get damaged.

Once you’re clear of the bridge, raise the mast and sail again and proceed rightwards.

Your ship will eventually be stopped by a log slide, signalling that you’ve arrived at a lumber sawmill.

When you reach the log slide of the sawmill, get off your ship and onto the slide. Run all the way up into the sawmill.

FAR: Changing Tides screenshot

Inside, use the lever that comes right after the opening. This will break, so you’re going to have to find some way to fix it.

There is a repair tool up top (with the sectioned blue disk), but you can’t quite reach it just yet.

On the floor, you’ll find a log tray with a blue handle. Push the tray all the way to the right of the walkway, until you can’t go any further. Then, jump on the platform to your left and pull the lever to position the log.

FAR: Changing Tides screenshot

Hop off the platform and press the blue button to the left of the platform. This will saw the log in two and one half of the log will drop onto the tray you positioned. If you didn’t position the tray yet, you can do so now – just keep pushing it rightwards until the log is seated on it.

With the log on the tray, pull the tray as far left as you can go. Jump on the log and then the upper floor.

FAR: Changing Tides screenshot

On the upper floor, grab the repair tool and drop down to the lower floor again. Stand near the lever with the repair tool in hand and you’ll automatically fix the lever.

Once it’s fixed and the smoke is gone, pull the lever. This will get your ship moving again, so jump out of the opening and onto the ship. You should bring the repair tool with you so you can fix anything broken on the ship, or anything that breaks in the future.

Let the ship pass under the sawmill and then raise the mast once you’re clear. As before, raise the sails and angle them to get going away from the sawmill.

Continue sailing – you’ll be going for a while. Keep going until you reach the railyard.

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