Fire Tonight Walkthrough – Levels 7 & 8

Stuck in Fire Tonight? Read our walkthrough guide to find out how to complete levels 7 and 8, including getting Devin through the canal.

Fire Tonight Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Fire Tonight! This walkthrough guide covers completing levels, and it is not an achievement-oriented guide. For more information on Fire Tonight, check out the official website here.

Level 7

This is a straightforward arcade level where you dodge the fires and cars to make your way to Devin’s apartment. Just keep on the clear area and this will be over soon.

Fire Tonight Level 7 screenshot

Level 8

Start by going downstairs and cross the very narrow gate-bridge in front of Devin. Use your walkman to get past the fire on the other side. Once there, use the lever on the valve control to equalize the water level on both sides of the gate.

Now run back past the bridge and use the gate locks to open the gate and let Devin pass.

Once Devin is through, close the gate.

Go down the stairs near the gate locks and use the lever to lower the water level of the section Devin is in. Now run to the other side of the canal (over the second bridge). We need to raise the water level of the next section, but we can’t quite get to the valve control yet.

Fire Tonight screenshot

Run towards the stairs leading up (to the fire), but don’t go up the stairs. Instead, run into the empty space to the left of the stairs.

Rotate your camera to the other side, and you’ll find you’re in a small passage with a ladder on the other side.

Run to the ladder and climb up. Once up, run over the wooden walkway to a ledge with a blue key on it.

Now return back down to the second bridge. Instead of crossing it, go down the stairs next to the bridge and use your key on the chain-link gate. Use the gate locks beyond the chain-link gate to close the third gate-bridge.

Cross the gate-bridge to the other side and use the valve control to equalize the water.

Now run back to the second bridge and use the gate locks to open the bridge-gate and allow Devin to pass.

Fire Tonight screenshot

Close the bridge after Devin passes. Return to the third valve control (which we just used to raise the water level), and use it to lower the water level this time.

When the lights turn green, run back past the third gate-bridge and use the gate locks to open up the final gate for Devin.

Finally, use your walkman to get through the fire and go down the stairs. Approach Devin’s boat and interact with it to jump on!

Thank you for following the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Fire Tonight!

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