Genesis Noir Walkthrough – Gather

Stuck in Genesis Noir? This walkthrough will guide you through the Gather level, including breaking stuff and finding the staff.

Genesis Noir Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Genesis Noir! Use this walkthrough to solve the game’s many tactile puzzles and save Miss Mass by halting the expansion of the universe.

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The Apartment

We now have another spiral from the antler we picked up. Returning to the bullet trail, our next level to the left of Hunt is titled ‘Gather’, so that’s where we’re headed next.


This is a fairly breezy level. Begin by tapping the floating rock until it breaks and then hold down your tap/click button on the right of the screen to pan the camera right.

You can pause to interact with the objects you see here, but most of the time you can just keep going right to proceed.

When No Man is observing a sharp-looking rock, tap on it to examine it. On the next interactive scene, tap on the leaves several times to clear them out, and proceed to the right as before.

When the camera pans over the field, hold down your click/tap button to widen your search perimeter, and begin searching to the centre-left of the field.

Pick up the rock here. You’ll find another rock close to this one, to the right. Pick that one up, and another, and so on, until you form the title of this level (plus one extra to the right).

Genesis Noir screenshot

On the screen with the shepherd, tap on all three sheep to create a trail of wool.

At the camp, keep going right (or break stuff if you like) until you reach the vase with No Man’s image on it. Drag the vase to rotate it until it tilts over and is smashed.

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Continue in your rightwards odyssey to a gate in a wall. Tap on the gate door, and then on the tower that you see beyond the gateway.

Proceed right to a section of bricks. Drag over the bricks to loosen and remove them until No Man appears through them.

Genesis Noir screenshot

Further right, you will find a pool of lotus flowers and a deity in the background. Pop the lotus flowers until you can proceed right.

On the screen with the golden statue, examine the statue until it falls. Then, examine the remains of the statue, and then put the statue remains down.

On the next screen, drag over the screen to clear out the ash.

Genesis Noir screenshot

With the ash gone, examine the staff-like object in the hands of the person standing next to No Man. Pick up this staff-like object.

Tap on the spiral on No Man’s hand to return to the Apartment.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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