Genesis Noir Walkthrough – Seeding (Part 1)

Stuck in Genesis Noir? This walkthrough will guide you through the first half of the ‘Seeding’ chapter, where you learn to plant seeds.

Genesis Noir Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Genesis Noir! Use this walkthrough to solve the game’s many tactile puzzles and save Miss Mass by halting the expansion of the universe.

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Your goal here is telegraphed at the start of the level: to reach the tree on the hill.

Begin by moving north, passing through the yellow bubbles to go east, then south, and then to the yellow-outlined man. Interact with the man and then pick up the white seeds.

Genesis Noir screenshot

Now tap on No Man to bring up the seeds and drag one of the white seeds onto the ground, near the waving white ‘fence’.

As you can see, you can use the white seeds to absorb the white obstacle ribbons.

Now use a white seed the same way to open up the ‘gate’ to your immediate north. Remember to tap on No Man to bring up the seeds.

Go east and interact with the murderer again. Now pick up the black seeds.

Genesis Noir screenshot

Use a black seed from your palm to erase the black ribbons in front of you.

Go east again, until you find a white, glowing hole in the ground. You can’t proceed further yet, so bring up the seeds by clicking on No Man, and then use any of your seeds (black or white) on the hole.

When the flower blooms, interact with the centre of the flower to turn it all white, and then pull out the petals one by one until there are no more petals left.

Genesis Noir screenshot

When the sun is formed, drag the sun downwards as far as you can.

You can now proceed east. When you reach another cliff with a glowing hole, do as you did before: pull out a seed and plant it there.

When the clouds show up, click on as many clouds as you can, until it’s raining and a new path appears for you.

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Go south to the next cliff and plant a seed in the hole. This time, you must solve a frequency puzzle. Move the slider until the rough waves become smooth and the slider resets. Now, move it again until the waves are more straight or stable, and the slider resets again. Repeat the procedure, and this time move the slider so that the plant is raised as high as possible on the ‘wave’ it’s sitting on.

Genesis Noir screenshot

Once this sequence is done, there will be two new paths before you.

The right path is optional. If you go there, interact with the murderer and then pick up the white seeds. You can use the seeds to erase the white ribbons there.

For the left path, plant a seed in the hole here, and grab the starry background, then spin it round and round. Remember to spin it in a circle, instead of sliding it left or right.

Once the plant has grown to its fullest extent, there will be three new paths before you.

The east and west paths are optional.

On the east path, interact with the murderer and pick up the white seeds. Use the white seeds to clear the white ribbons.

On the west path, again, interact with the murderer and pick up the white seeds. Planting a white seed won’t clear the black ribbons, though. Keep bringing up No Man’s hand until you get a black seed in the mix, and then drop a black seed near the black ribbons.

Genesis Noir screenshot

To proceed, return to the previous island and take the south path.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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