Genesis Noir Walkthrough – Singular & Exodus

Stuck in Genesis Noir? This walkthrough will guide you through the final levels of the game, Singular and Exodus, including the final choice.

Genesis Noir Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Genesis Noir! Use this walkthrough to solve the game’s many tactile puzzles and save Miss Mass by halting the expansion of the universe.

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Begin by repeatedly tapping on the white hand until it goes away. After the cutscene, go right past the title screen. Keep going right, breaking the space structure as you go.

Genesis Noir screenshot

When you reach the golden statue of No Man, examine it and then interact with it twice.

After the cutscene, interact with the entity to continue the conversation. Keep interacting with them to create a ring of flowers around No Man.

After the entity says ‘We see’, hover over the flowers to collect them. After you’ve collected all of them, bring them to No Man’s missing arm.

In the next section, you can interact with a very large playing field, creating sights and sounds by dragging No Man across it.

Just fly around and have fun here, bringing colour into the universe.

Genesis Noir screenshot

The field is a disc, and if you look at it as a clock face, then go there are smaller discs you can access from the 9 o’ clock position to the 12 o’ clock position. You can access these in any order, but you have to access all four of them to continue.

To access the discs, move No Man over them and then drag around them until it turn their appropriate colour.

Inside the Hunter’s world, reveal the green plants on the spiral from outwards to inwards.

In the Ronin’s world, place the puzzle pieces on the board. Bring them as close to the correct position as possible, and they’ll automatically snap into place.

In the Beat Brother’s world, tap the appropriate notes. The first set will be 2, 4. Then, 2, 4, 3. Finally, 2, 4, 3, 1.

In the Scientist’s world, move the top slider to the middle and the bottom slider to the far right. Have a look at the screenshot below for reference.

Genesis Noir screenshot

After you finish all the four discs and all the various devices on the playing field, you’ll have a longish cutscene ahead of you.

After this sequence, interact with the colourful pattern to the right of No Man. Tap on it again to interact with it.

Next, tap on the door to ‘enter’ it, and then drag the cursor upwards to zoom forwards, all the way to the end.

While No Man and the entity are sitting on the bench, drag left or right to turn the camera around.

Interact with any of the coloured doors to go their respective sequences. Green is for the Hunter, Blue for the Ronin, Purple for the Beat Brother, and Red for the Scientist.

Just as before, drag up to zoom forwards. When you reach the three faces, click on one for a sub-sequence, and then click again to return to the faces. After you finish all three faces, you’ll be done with that sequence.

After completing all four sequences, when looking at the watch face, drag down to zoom out. Again, at the end of the sequence, click to reverse the zoom sequence.

After the cutscene, tap on the spiral on No Man’s hand.


After the text sequence, you’ll see a lengthy cutscene.

When you gain control, move right. At the sequence with the door, do as you did in a previous chapter and keen tapping on the door to have each instance of the No Man pass through it.

Once the final No Man reaches the door, you will have to make a choice. This choice will determine which ending you get.

Whichever ending you choose, tap on its panel several times to confirm your choice.

This ends the game! Thank you for following our walkthrough. We hope you enjoyed your time with the game!

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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