Genesis Noir Walkthrough – Starstruck

Stuck in Genesis Noir? This walkthrough will guide you through the Starstruck level of the game, including finding the cigar.

Genesis Noir Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Genesis Noir! Use this walkthrough to solve the game’s many tactile puzzles and save Miss Mass by halting the expansion of the universe.

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The Apartment

Upon returning to the apartment and establishing your plan for saving Miss Mass, you may proceed by stepping away from the dressing table and examining the big bullet trail.

On the bullet trail, there are several yellow spots to investigate. Most of these will end up dead ends, but if one turns into a diamond, that represents a level for you to explore.

In this walkthrough, we’ll handle the levels from the rightmost to the leftmost.

The first such level you should encounter is Starstruck.


Start by going right, eating up the bubbles as you go. When you reach the smoke and the burning matchstick, click on the smoke clouds and then click on the fires to put them out.

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Pick up the match, matchbook, and flyer.

On the next screen, go into the opening in the fence to the right side of the screen. Tap on the door and then enter it.

Genesis Noir screenshot

On the next screen, click on the light that’s hanging from the ceiling, to the left of the room. Next, click on the centre of the room and drag upwards to get closer.

When you are close enough, use the bottle and then pop all the bubbles that come up. Repeat the bubble-popping a couple more times.

In the next section, proceed along the trail of bubbles and head straight into the planet.

Genesis Noir screenshot

Tap on the murderer to heckle him, and then blow out the smoke clouds by tapping on them. Next, tap on the cigar to put it out.

After this, examine the cigar to pick it up, and tap on the spiral on your hand to return to the Apartment.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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