Genesis Noir Walkthrough – Thaw

Stuck in Genesis Noir? This walkthrough will guide you through the Thaw level, including finding the firewood, tea leaves, and pail of water.

Genesis Noir Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Genesis Noir! Use this walkthrough to solve the game’s many tactile puzzles and save Miss Mass by halting the expansion of the universe.

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The Apartment

Now you have another spiral, and you can proceed further left along the bullet trail. The closest level to the left of Gather is ‘Thaw’, so we’ll go with that.


Begin by dragging the Earth around until you can spot a thunderstorm appear on the surface. On your second go, drag the Earth so that the land turns golden. On the third go, drag it until autumn leaves fly past the screen. Finally, on the fourth go, drag the Earth so that you are looking at the Arctic and all the land turns white.

When the level title appears, go east until you find a path. Follow the path to a palanquin.

The warlord here demands four things for his tea: firewood, a bucket of water, tea leaves, and a cup. The cup is already available by the end of the cutscene, so we only need to find the other three items.

Tap to the far left of the scene to return to the explorable area.

Genesis Noir screenshot

Now follow the path as it winds southwards until you reach an area of cleared snow, where there is a stack of chopped bamboo shoots. Pick up the sticks near the bamboo stack to get your firewood.

Continue following the path westward and then southwards. Just as the path turns west again, there’s an opening in a low wall that you can pass through.

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Go east through this opening, onto the frozen lake. You’ll find a pail of water near the circle carved into the lake.

Genesis Noir screenshot

Now return to the path where we left it before and proceed to the west.

Examine the toppled cart. There are numerous drawers in the cart. You can examine the drawers by dragging them up from the cart. The tea leaves you seek can be found in the centre-rightmost drawer.

Now that you have all three items, go all the way back to the palanquin and the house.

Tap on the palanquin and then again to have No Man lay out all of his acquired items. Head on into the house.

Genesis Noir screenshot

Examine the items before the warlord and then keep attempting to interact with the stove in the centre of the room until it turns golden. Once you can actually interact with it, do so to begin a cutscene.

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On the screen with the tea, interact with the tea. On the next screen, tap to proceed. Do this on the next screens as well, proceeding the graphic-novel-style sequence.

On the next screen, you must join together the broken frame. Gently bring the broken part of the frame to the other part and it will slot in by itself.

Repeat this with the next puzzle of a doll. Start with the head piece (lower-right), then the upper body piece (lower-left), and then the pieces to the centre-left and centre-right, and then the piece to the upper-right.

Genesis Noir screenshot

Note that you can rotate the doll to get a better view by dragging on the floral circle. Remember that you don’t have to tap to install the pieces, only bring them into the right place. Finally, keep in mind that you must join the pieces one to the next, so don’t try installing a piece that is unconnected to the already-installed pieces.

Next up, we work with a skull. Straightforward enough. Remember to install the golden tooth at the end.

Finally, we work on the cup. You’ll have to rotate this one several times to get the best view, especially as you’re dealing with very small pieces on the base of the cup.

Genesis Noir screenshot

After you join the cup together, another cutscene plays.

Pick up the cup near No Man and then tap on the spiral on his hand to return to the Apartment.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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