Growbot Walkthrough – Harmonics (Crystal)

Stuck in Growbot? This walkthrough will take you through making the shield in the Harmonics room and securing it.

Growbot Walkthrough Table of Contents


Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Growbot! At all times, it is recommended that you explore the space station for yourself, talk to everyone you can, and use all the items you can on everything else. There’s no way to lose or die in this game! If you do get stuck, though – consult this guide, where we’ve laid down the steps for how to proceed with the story.

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Now that you’re in the Harmonics room, it’s time to create a new shield. Begin by interacting with the crystal, which the Captain calls a ‘simulator’.

The Captain will guide you through this section. Begin by interacting with each of the colored panels (in any order) until all 12 light up.

Growbot screenshot

Next, tap on the flower on top of the crystal outline. After this, we’ll need to ‘secure’ the shield with harmonics.

Tap on any of the circular points (power points) on the crystal outline to bring up the harmonics interface. The Captain will guide you through one of the power points, but you’re to do the next five.

Tap on one of the power points again.

On the Harmonics interface, first tap on the number on top to first hear the sound you need. If you have Hints turned on, the correct notes will light up automatically and in order.

We’ll number the panels Left 1-6 and Right 1-6, with 1 being at the bottom and 6 at the very top. Remember to select the correct segment on the Harmonics interface before you click on the appropriate colored panel. The innermost segment is 1, the middle segment is 2, and the outermost one is 3.

Growbot screenshot

Here’s which colored panels to press for each power point:

  • Power Point 2:
    • 1: Right 1, 2: Left 2, 3: Left 5
  • Power Point 3:
    • 1: Right 6, 2: Right 5, 3: Left 3
  • Power Point 4:
    • 1: Left 6, 2: Left 1, 3: Right 3
  • Power Point 5:
    • 1: Left 4, 2: Right 1, 3: Right 6
  • Power Point 6:
    • 1: Left 6, 2: Right 4, 3: Left 2

After this, you’ll have a cutscene and a conversation, and then you get to the labyrinth.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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