Growbot Walkthrough – Living Quarters Part 1 (Solar Berry Jam)

Stuck in Growbot? This walkthrough will take you through finding the Kitchen, talking to Starbelly, and creating Solar Berry Jam.

Growbot Walkthrough Table of Contents Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Growbot! At all times, it is recommended that you explore the space station for yourself, talk to everyone you can, and use all the items you can on everything else. There’s no way to lose or die in this game! If you do get stuck, though – consult this guide, where we’ve laid down the steps for how to proceed with the story. For more information on Growbot, check out the official website here!

Living Quarters – Solar Berry Jam

Growbot indie game screenshot We begin in Nara’s room. Begin by picking up the Growbot Guidebook, which is lying on the floor near the bed. It has a black cover with a flower on it. Use the transition arrow in the lower-right corner to head to the area to the right. This is the Kitchen. Head right again to get to the elevator. Press the glowing blue button next to the elevator to summon Wee Ted. He will inform you that you need Holo-Tech to proceed through the elevator, and directs you to the kitchen. Return to the kitchen and have a look at the cupboard to the left of the screen. Interact with the white doll-like thing on the top shelf, next to the two dishes. Ask Starbelly about where Kino and Captain Art are, and then ask how to get up to the garden. Ask for Starbelly’s price – you need to get Starbelly the solar berry jam to get Holo-Tech. If you talk to Starbelly further, you’ll learn that the recipe is in the kitchen. You can find this recipe by interacting with the open book on the lowermost shelf below the big flower ‘painting’. Growbot screenshot You will require: Water, Sugar, Solar Berries, and an Empty Jam Jar. You can get the Jam Jar right away – it’s located on the shelf below where you found the Starbelly projector doll. The Solar Berries are also easy to find: they’re right through the blue trapdoor on the floor, at the centre of the screen. There’s a red splotch on it. Interact with the trapdoor to get the berries. For the water and sugar, open the wall cabinet on the left side of the screen, to the right of the Starbelly projector doll. Upon opening the wall cabinet, you can pick up the water and sugar. Now that we have all four ingredients, it’s simply a matter of mixing them up together, then reacting the jam, and sending it over to Engineering. Combine the Solar Berries with the Empty Jam Jar, and then do the same with the water and sugar. Once you’ve put all three ingredients in the Jam Jar, put the Jam Jar into the Reactor (located just above the trap door where you found the Solar Berries). Pick up the Solar Berry Jam from the Reactor. Now interact with the teleporter, which is actually the ‘flower painting’ located above all the shelves, i.e. just above where the tea kettle is. When you activate the teleporter, Nara will remark that she has never used one before. Use your Solar Berry Jam with the activated teleporter. You’ll receive your Holo-Prism from the same teleporter, so wait for it. You still need to activate the Holo-Prism with a light pollen in order to create Holo-Tech. Head to the next part of our Growbot Walkthrough here!

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