Growbot Walkthrough – Pond Part 1 (Coral Reef)

Stuck in Growbot? This walkthrough will take you through finding the Coral Reef in the Pond area and fixing its gears.

Growbot Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Growbot! At all times, it is recommended that you explore the space station for yourself, talk to everyone you can, and use all the items you can on everything else. There’s no way to lose or die in this game! If you do get stuck, though – consult this guide, where we’ve laid down the steps for how to proceed with the story.

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The Coral Reef

When you reach the Ponds area, ask the Captain what to do next, and about the Melobees.

Now interact with the water lily in the pond to collect its flower note. Interact with the pond around the lily, and a Shield will appear.

The sequence this time is: Chinese Lantern, Water Lily, Chinese Lantern, Wild Flower, Chinese Lantern, Tulip.

Use your Shield Key on the shield to remove it, and then interact with the pond again to go right in.

Water Dragon Maze Growbot

As you enter, you’ll learn that the water dragons are trapped in a maze, and that you’ll need to destroy the crystal to be able to free them.

To destroy the crystal, you’ll need the Rolling Ripple attack shield. To acquire this, you’ll have to first find the Scary Flower in the Nursery.

We’ll have to get through several scenes to get to the Nursery, so pass by the maze, go right past the colorful memory crystals, past another maze-like area, until you reach the Nursery, which is the area with the strange blue-cyan creature with gears.

Talk to the creature, which turns out to be the Coral Reef. You’ll learn that you need to restore the Reef’s rainbow brites, as well as rearrange the gears properly.

We’ll begin by fixing the gears, as we need to do that to get all the Rainbow Brites anyway.

Interact with Mavis, the pink octopus to the left of the Coral Reef.

After she’s gone, interact with the lever that was behind Mavis. Now you need to arrange the wheels on the spokes correctly. There’s two wheels for each spoke – the darker colored ones are the ‘bottom’ wheels and the lighter colored ones are the ‘top’ wheels.

The wheels are a bit unpredictable, but if you get a placement right, it will stay in place and won’t be removable. Use trial and error to put the wheels in each of the places. Otherwise, you can also consult this image below.

Growbot screenshot

You’ll notice a couple of switches to the right of the Coral Reef’s mouth. Press the left switch now.

After the area brightens up and the viewpoint returns to Nara, check the ground for a couple of blue-white clams. Interact with the left clam and pick up the pearl inside.

Use the pearl on the left flume of the Coral Reef – it’s located to the bottom-left of all the gears, and directly above the Coral Reef’s mouth.

Next, use the right switch to create a healthy current.

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