Growbot Walkthrough – Pond Part 2 (Light Sprite Maze)

Stuck in Growbot? This walkthrough will take you through guiding the light sprites in the pond to their resting places.

Growbot Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Growbot! At all times, it is recommended that you explore the space station for yourself, talk to everyone you can, and use all the items you can on everything else. There’s no way to lose or die in this game! If you do get stuck, though – consult this guide, where we’ve laid down the steps for how to proceed with the story.

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The Light Sprite Maze

Once this is done, we need to find the Rainbow Brites.

Open the right clam (next to the clam where we found the pearl) to find the Orange Rainbow Brite.

Now go left from the Coral Reef to get to the maze with the Light Sprites in it.

Growbot screenshot

Your goal is to control the flow of water so as to take one Light Sprite each to the three main chambers of the maze.

Interact with the colorful panel in the lower-right of the maze to bring it up.

Press the red switch twice, so as to take one Light Sprite on the pod. This one wants to go to the couch with the purple Rainbow Brite.

Now press the orange switch, then the green switch, then the dark blue switch. This will take the Light Sprite to the couch.

The Rainbow Brite has moved!

Now we must bring back the pod for the next Light Sprite. Use the purple switch (rightmost switch). Once the pod is back in its original position, turn off all the other switches.

Once again, press red twice. This Light Sprite wants to go to the birthday party. This time, open Orange, Green, and Cyan.

The Light Sprite will take its place at the party, evicting the Rainbow Brite.

Growbot screenshot

The Brite is now in the pod, so let’s bring him back to us.

Press the dark blue and then the purple switches to bring the pod back to the initial position.

Turn off all the switches and press the red switch, which will get you the Yellow Rainbow Brite.

The last Light Sprite is already loaded in the pod, so press the red switch again. This one wants to go to bed.

For this one, press the same switches as the first one: Orange, Green, Dark Blue. Once the Light Sprite is in position, the Purple Rainbow Brite will be in the pod. Press the purple switch to bring it over to you, and the red switch to extract it.

Before you head left, open the clam lying on the ground here. Pick up the Rainbow Brite that shows up to get a total of four.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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