Half Past Fate Story Walkthrough – Chapter 12

Stuck in Half Past Fate? Find out how to make amends for the day and chase after a pesky seagull in Chapter 12.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Half Past Fate!

As this is an adventure game, we recommend you explore the area, talk to all the characters, and inspect and use all the objects you can. If you’re still stuck, find out how to solve the main puzzles in the walkthrough below.

Note that this is a story-oriented guide, not an achievement guide. Half Past Fate has plenty of achievements for minor actions, so go ahead and explore!

For more information on Half Past Fate, check out the developer’s official website here.

Chapter 12 – Now

In this chapter, Mara has to go to Rinden and apologise. Head down from the bar area, down the stairs, past the chessboard table, and out into the open air dining area.

From here, turn left and re-enter the pub from the main entrance, so that you come face-to-face with Rinden. Talk to him.

This will trigger a long conversation, at the end of which you will have your real objective of the chapter: to retrieve Rinden’s phone from the accursed seagull.

First go to the blue dumpster just to the north Rinden and to the south of the booth with the ‘ICE’ sign. Grab the net from the dumpster.

Stand near the seagull so that you can interact with it, and use the net from your inventory on it.

To bait the seagull back to shore, you’re going to need food. Go back to the pub and you’ll find Jodie and Charlotte hanging out at a table in the open dining area. Talk to Jodie and ask her about the fries.

After Jodie asks you to order new ones for them, go back in and head to the bar where Mara was originally sitting. Talk to the green-haired bartender and order the Curry Chips. Return to Jodie and Charlotte and use the number you got. This will net you the fries (or chips, however you prefer).

Head west from the pub and then north, until you find Rinden standing on the boardwalk. Stand to his left so that you can interact with the seagull again, and use your chips.

Half Past Fate screenshot

Your final plan will be to use a boat.

Return to the dock to the left of where the seagull originally took Rinden’s phone. Talk to Rinden.

To find the owner of the boat, head on back to the green-haired bartender and ask him about the owner of the boat. With knowledge of who the owner is, go over to the hippie with the guitar, who is standing on the boardwalk near where you throw the chips at the seagull.

The hippie will admit to being the owner of the boat and give you the boat key when you talk to him. With the boat key in hand, return to the boat and interact with it.

Once you’re on the boat, use the boat key on the motor. When that doesn’t work, use the compact NanoVolt device in your inventory on the motor.

At the buoy, go up from the boat controls and interact with the seagull. This will lead to the cutscene that ends the chapter, and the game. Congratulations for finishing Half Past Fate!

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