Half Past Fate Story Walkthrough – Chapters 5 & 6

Stuck in Half Past Fate? Find out how to prepare for the presentation as Mara in Chapter 5, and how to acquire the film tickets in Chapter 6.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Half Past Fate!

As this is an adventure game, we recommend you explore the area, talk to all the characters, and inspect and use all the objects you can. If you’re still stuck, find out how to solve the main puzzles in the walkthrough below.

Note that this is a story-oriented guide, not an achievement guide. Half Past Fate has plenty of achievements for minor actions, so go ahead and explore!

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Chapter 5 – 10 Hours Ago

As Mara, you need to prepare for the upcoming meeting with an investment company.

For the presentation notes, simply go up to your desk and interact with it to grab them.

To get the dog Chai to quiet down, first go and interact with the dog. You’ll find that you need a bone. Head into either Tod or Jade’s office and ask them about the bone. (You can also ask Andy if he has entered the office after the conversation with Jaren in the lobby).

Once any character has told you about where to find the bone, go the closed office marked ‘SAM’ and try to open it. Once you find out it’s locked, go up to the reception desk and talk to Lars and ask him about the key.

Once you have the key from Lars, return to Samuel’s office and use the key from your inventory on it. Enter and you’ll find Chai’s bone on the floor. Grab it and return to Chai. Use the bone from your inventory on her and you’ll have sorted out the dog problem.

To test the projector, head into the meeting room (just south of Chai), and have a look at the projector to the far right of the room. Interact with it to learn that you need an extension cord.

Head into Jade’s office and talk to her, then ask to borrow her extension cord. Next, go to Tod’s office next door and ask him to turn down the thermostat. Next, go south from Tod’s office to find Andy, who’s wearing a white shirt (you will have to have spoken to Jaren in the lobby for Andy to appear in the office). Ask to borrow his Snuggly.

Return to Tod and use the Snuggly on him. Now go to Jade and talk to her, then ask to borrow her extension cord again. Finally, head back to the meeting room and use the extension cord on the projector.

Now head back out into the lobby to meet Rinden Shah. After the conversation, head into the meeting room.

Chapter 6 – 4 Years Ago

Bia has two objectives here: to hand out tickets for Jodie’s film, and find tickets of Adorae for Milo. The first objective is done while doing the second, so we’ll just focus on doing the second objective.

Half Past Fate screenshot

Head out of the theater and go south, to a man wearing a red shirt and waving tickets in his hand. Talk to him and you’ll learn you need a Wizard Boy hat to trade with him.

To get the Wizard Boy hat, you need to make a series of inventory trades.

First, go to the woman in the yellow shirt, holding a wizard hat at the far left of the theatre’s lobby. Talk to her once and you’ll find out she has the hat you need, but is unwilling to part with it unless you offer her the hat she really wants.

To get the hat, you need to wake up the sleeping vendor at the Merch table to the far right of the theatre lobby.

Half Past Fate screenshot

To do this, first go to the Taco Train van to the left of the theatre entrance. Bia will ask for a Zesty Breakfast Burrito. To pay for it, you need cash.

Head over to the guitarist at the entrance of the theatre (who is also the hippie from Chapter 1), and talk to him. After talking to him, give him the tickets in your inventory. This will net you a bit of cash.

Return to the Taco Train van and use the money on the vendor to get your burrito.

Half Past Fate screenshot

Head inside the theatre and go to the far right of the screen, where you’ll find a sleeping vendor by the merch table. Talk to them, and if you have the burrito, Bia will offer it automatically and wake them up.

Talk to them once more (assuming you have already talked to the woman who needs her wizard hat replaced, as mentioned above), and ask for the hat they’re selling. Bia will buy the hat.

Return to the woman holding the purple hat and offer her the blue hat. Assuming you have already talked to Oscar (the man in the red shirt who wants the purple hat), Bia will offer to exchange the hats.

Head over to Oscar and offer him the Wizard Boy hat. Next, proceed up towards Jodie and watch the cutscene.

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