Intruder in Antiquonia Walkthrough – Day 2, Part 1 (Symbols, Guesthouse)

Stuck in Intruder in Antiquonia? Find out how where to find the symbol sheet and how to figure out where the symbols are pointing to.

Intruder in Antiquonia – Into Indie Games Walkthrough

Welcome to the Into Indie Games Walkthrough for Intruder in Antiquonia! As this is a point-and-click adventure game, we recommend examining every object and exhausting every dialog option as you play the game. If you are stuck, read the guide below!

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Day 2, Part 1 (Symbols, Guesthouse)

In the guesthouse lobby, use the bell on the reception desk to get Aida in. Ask her if there is a note for you and you’ll get an envelope – open it.

Examining the envelope will discard it and give you its contents: a map and a sheet of symbols. Use the map and the sheet together (use any one item on the other).

Head out of the guesthouse now and go to Karim’s home in the alley to the far right of the town square screen.

Talk to him about something weird happening to you. After the conversation, head out and go to the town square.

Talk to the ‘three crazies’ (the three old men on the bench) and use the “Do you listen to yourselves…” dialog option.

Intruder in Antiquonia screenshot

After the conversation, examine the blue street lamp to the immediate right of the three crazies. This will get you a screwdriver from Karim, which you can use on the streetlamp. You may view the circuit here, but you can’t do anything until it’s dark.

Go back to the convent and talk to Samuel. Show him the map you have to learn more about the town’s geography.

From Samuel you learn that the other two symbols are located in the guesthouse and in Claudia’s store. First, enter the guesthouse.

Intruder in Antiquonia screenshot

Examine the printer located to the right of the screen, near Aida. After Sarah and Karim talk about the printer, talk to Aida. Use the “A lot of people keeping you busy?” option and that should get her out of the lobby.

Inspect the printer again. Now you need to find color cartridges – which you’ll find in the police station, surprisingly.

Return to the street Karim’s house is on, and go to the police station. Examine the printer here (to the lower-right of the screen) to learn about the police station using color cartridges. Talk to Officer Áncora about her day and get the cartridge you need.

Exit the police station, go back to the guesthouse, and talk to Aida. After the conversation, use the colour cartridge on the printer to get a printout.

That’s one clue deciphered (even if it only ended up giving us another clue).

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