Intruder in Antiquonia Walkthrough – Day 3, Part 5 (Zelama Power Plant)

Stuck in Intruder in Antiquonia? Find out how to get into the Zelana Power Plant and sneak past all the security cameras.

Intruder in Antiquonia – Into Indie Games Walkthrough

Welcome to the Into Indie Games Walkthrough for Intruder in Antiquonia! As this is a point-and-click adventure game, we recommend examining every object and exhausting every dialog option as you play the game. If you are stuck, read the guide below!

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Day 3, Part 5 (Zelama Power Plant)

After the conversation with Julia, head to the truck to the right and examine it.

Intruder in Antiquonia screenshot

Inside, you’ll find an ID card and a pair of pliers (they are below the dash). Pick them both up, exit the screen, and use the ID card on the card reader to the left of the main door.

Your objective now is to make your way through the corridors undetected, by disabling or distracting the security cameras as you go.

Provided you have picked up the pliers from the truck interior, use the pliers on the first security camera to disable it. Pick up the flashlight on the floor in this first screen.

Now go through the corridor to the immediate left of the camera.

Pick up the broken desk lamp in this corridor and take the corridor to the lower-left.

On this screen, you’ll find a very tall red plant. Pick it up (don’t ask me how she does it) and backtrack to the first screen, where you found the flashlight and disabled the camera.

Now go straight ahead, to a corridor with a fire hose on one end. Go down the corridor to the left of the fire hose.

Intruder in Antiquonia screenshot

Here, you’ll be obstructed by another security camera. Use your tall plant on the camera to block its view (don’t worry, no one’s going to be suspicious. Promise).

Pick up the duct tape and proceed straight ahead.

Examine the green recycle bin to acquire some black ink. Continue onwards for another corridor with a security camera.

This time, use your duct tape on the desk lamp, and then use the flashlight on the desk lamp. Use the resulting frankenstein lamp on the security camera to blind it.

Head through the corridor to the right… where you’ll be met with one last security camera.

Backtrack to the previous corridor (with the flashlight lamp thing) and use the black ink on the mop in the back.

Pick up the mop, return to the final corridor and use the mop on the security camera.

Finally, the coast is clear. Pick up the fire extinguisher to break the door and make your way in.

Watch the following cutscene and then congratulations, you’ve finished the game!

After the credits, close the newspaper screen. This will return you to the main menu.

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