Lair of the Clockwork God Walkthrough – Chapter 1

Stuck in Lair of the Clockwork God? Here’s how to clear the ‘Unskippable Tutorial’ chapter of the game, which is set in Peru.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Lair of the Clockwork God! As this is an adventure game, we recommend you explore the area, talk to all the characters, and inspect and use all the objects you can. If you’re still stuck, find out how to solve puzzles in the walkthrough below. For more information on Lair of the Clockwork God, check out the developer’s official website here.

Chapter 1: Unskippable Tutorial

Start by moving Dan (the short, brown-haired one) to the right until he reaches the red lever. After this point, you can control Ben (the taller, blonde one). Move Ben all the way to the right until he can’t go any any further. Ben can’t jump, so leave him just before the higher platform. Switch to Dan and have him jump on the yellow button in front of the stone monolith. This will raise Ben up. Switch to Ben and move him right to the lever. Use the Lever as Ben to clear the way forward. Go to the right until you meet the bearded fellow named Tarquin. Push him onto the spikes as Ben. Then switch to Dan and jump on Tarquin’s corpse, and onto the next platform. Step on the button to lower the spikes. Step off the button to re-raise the stone platform. Move Ben onto the lowerable ledge, and then step on the button to lower Ben into the pit. Move Ben to Tarquin’s corpse, where he’ll find a bunch of items to interact with. Interact with Tarquin’s corpse and investigate it once. Then, you’ll have the option to steal his boots, so do that. Next, pick up the bubble pipe. There’s no way to bring Ben up at the moment, so it’s time to go exploring as Dan. As Dan, jump on the yellow bounce-pad to the right of the button. Proceed left, up, and right through the platforms until you encounter the jumping balloon monster. Jump on the monster to end its gassy life. Drop down and you’ll find a crate that you can move. Push it all the way to the right, off the stone platform, so that it drops down. Drop down as Dan and push the crate to the left, so that it is under the lightning arc machine. Position it so that you can pull it from the other side later (without getting fried by lightning). Now run back to where the crate had dropped and jump onto the floating platform. Press the button here and to lower the stone platform. Once you step off of the button, run to where the stone platform was. In a short while, the stone platform will reappear and carry you up to the higher platform. Jump right onto the bounce-pad, and then proceed left (watch for the spikes!). Get back down to where you had originally come from. Drag the crate out of the lightning machine and when it’s safe to do, jump to the other side of the crate. Push it all the way to the left, into the pit. Have Ben move onto the stone platform, and raise it so that Ben is no longer in the pit. Then move the crate as Dan towards the stone platform. Have Ben step onto the crate, and then drag the crate all the way to the right, so that Ben is close to the power box. As Ben, use the Size 13 Boots from your inventory with the power source. This will bust it open, showing you the leaking battery inside. Use the Size 13 Boots on the leaking battery and you’ll turn off the force field. As Dan, move the crate to the far right, so that Ben can once more step on firm ground. Have Ben pick up the leaking battery that’s lying on the floor, and then proceed to the right. When you reach the creepy vines, use your leaking battery on the vines to destroy them. Head right and have Dan jump on the balloon monster to kill it. As Ben, pick up the remains of the ‘trumpet-bottomed creature’. Open up your inventory and combine the Trumpet-Bottomed Creature with the Size 13 Boots. You’ll need a second one of the Trumpet-Bottomed Creature, so have Ben move to the left, underneath the floating platform with the button. As Dan, jump on the button to lower the platform. Position Ben over the glowing green diamond and then step off the button as Dan. When Ben is raised up, move him to the left and pick up the second Trumpet-Bottomed Creature. Now lower Ben again by having him move onto the stone platform and having Dan step on the yellow button. Once Ben is lowered, step away from the stone platform and make Dan stand close to him. Open up Ben’s inventory and combine the Two Trumpet-Bottomed Creatures with the Size 13 Boots. Use the Double-Jump Boots on Dan. Lair of the Clockwork God screenshot With his new double-jump boots, Dan can jump onto the platform above the creepy vines. Proceed right from there and jump onto the higher platform above the cyan gas. Don’t step on the button just yet. Move Ben all the way to the right, so that he is standing next to the wall to the right of the fire. Now step on the yellow button as Dan and raise Ben up to the high platform. Open up your inventory as Ben and wear the Bubble Pipe. Walk into the cyan gas with the bubble pipe and use investigate the totem pole. Then use the totem pole to turn off the cyan gas. Head right and use the red lever. Without moving Ben, switch to Dan and have him step on the big button. Next, lower Ben into the pit by positioning him onto the stone platform and stepping on the button as Dan. Move Ben to the right, towards the Hanging Crate. Use the Leaking Battery on the Hanging Crate. Switch to Dan, bring him down into the pit, and push the crate of gold to the right, onto the button in the niche. Leave some room between the crate and the wall: this way, Dan can jump onto the crate and up onto the higher platform. As Dan, jump onto the branch to the left. Pull the fighter plane to the right until it falls down. As Ben, use the leaking battery on the flightless plane. Then as Dan, push the plane to the left until you end up creating a path. Pick up the battery as Ben and proceed up the tree to the Creepy Vines. Use the Handy Liquid Container once more with the vines to destroy them. Head to the red lever and pull it down. Switch to Dan and step onto the yellow button. Next, go right and pick up the flower as Ben. Head to the next part of our Lair of the Clockwork God Walkthrough!

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