Lair of the Clockwork God Walkthrough – Chapters 13 and 14

Stuck in Lair of the Clockwork God? Check our walkthrough to learn how to get past the Grief level and enter VR for the ‘Insecurity’ level.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Lair of the Clockwork God!

As this is an adventure game, we recommend you explore the area, talk to all the characters, and inspect and use all the objects you can. If you’re still stuck, find out how to solve puzzles in the walkthrough below.

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Chapter 13: GRIEF: A study

This Donkey Kong-ish level needs some quick switching and teleporting, so stay alert! Start off as Dan and jump onto the middle platform. From here, shoot down the ‘pinions’ as they come down towards you. Some of them will drop important items, which you are going to need to proceed.

When they drop a Tube of Mints, teleport Ben to Dan’s position and pick it up. Wait till they drop another item, which is some Explosive Sherbet. Use Ben’s lollipop to pick it up. Remember to keep clearing the monsters as Dan!

Once you have both items, jump to the far right of the level, specifically, to the right of the purple cannon. Bring Ben here (to the right side of the cannon) and use the tube of mints and explosive sherbet with the cannon to load it up. Adjust its aim twice to align it with the soda cans hanging from the upper deck. If you don’t adjust the aim twice, you will have to re-do the above steps, right from finding a new tube of mints and explosive sherbet.

After loading up and aiming the cannon, use your Torch on the cannon to make it blow. If you don’t have the Torch, you can buy it from the game’s store (via the main menu), the same way you bought the big gun for Dan.

After using the cannon on the right, repeat the process to get the mints and the sherbet again. Teleport Ben to the left platform (with the other cannon to the far left), and use the soapy mop head with the sticky deck.

Now as Dan, pull the cannon to the right, so that it is aiming directly at the ropes tied to the soda cans. Teleport Ben to the left of the cannon and as before, use your tube of mints and explosive sherbet with the cannon. Then use the torch and let it blow!

This leads to a rather unexpected twist, so keep watching.

When you regain control of Ben, walk to the far right and use the hospital doors to go up a floor.

Lair of the Clockwork God walkthrough

Continue right until you reach the end of a corridor, and use the lever there to be lifted up. Continue right again until you reach the Cancerous Growth. Wear the Guard Hat and then use the Cure for Cancer flower on the cancerous growth.

For the words you need to say, you simply need to look at the poster to your left. The words are: “Together we will muddle through.” Say them in that order to proceed. Use the Sterilised Door to the far right and teleport to the next level, then use the lever to go down.

In the Graveyard, continue right until you find Dan’s tombstone. From here, head on right until you find a yellow button, the sort Dan used to push down. Try using it as Ben.

When the Shadowy Figure appears, use the Torch with it to light it up. Pick up the Brolly, then open up your inventory and combine the umbrella with the mop head. Wear the Brolly-Hat and return to Dan’s grave.

Lair of the Clockwork God walkthrough

Use the lollipop spade on Dan’s grave to start digging up your old friend. Pick up the square of dirt that’s produced and then walk slightly left to find a stream of rainwater falling down. Drink it to fill up Ben’s bladder and then use the bladder with Dan’s grave.

Now teleport to the coffin and use the inflatable see-saw with the coffin. This item can be found in the in-game store, so you’ll need to buy it just like you did the big gun and the torch (if you haven’t bought it already).

Now head to the right of the cross-shaped headstone to the right of the see-saw and push it. Then use the lollipop with the headstone to finally get poor Dan out of his coffin.

Head to the bloated corpse and use your torch with it. Once the path is clear, proceed through it to complete the level.

Chapter 14: A Lair in Mourning

Return to the ‘VR’ room by using the portal. Teleport Ben into the room and use the lollipop spade on the pipe in the middle of the room. Next, have Ben use a square of dirt with the fountain either to the left or right of the screen. Teleport him close to the other fountain, and then have Dan jump onto the middle fountain. Finally, have Ben use another square of dirt on the remaining fountain to the right or left (do not use it on the middle fountain!).

If you do end up unintentionally blocking up a fountain, remember that you can simply dig it up again by using your lollipop spade.

Once Dan is elevated by the middle fountain, double-jump to enter the magical world of VR.

Behold, a first-person level! Here you really just need to follow the instructions to proceed. The first step you need to take is stand in front of the big device called the NavCom, and follow the instructions you’re given (as best as you’re able to).

Once the settings are set remotely, you will be granted access to the Engine Room. Go down the stairs and press the button below the sign that says ‘Thruster Realignment’.

Return to the main room and go to the ‘EXIT’ once it is available. Proceed through the corridors until the level ends.

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