Lair of the Clockwork God Walkthrough – Chapters 17, 18, and 19

Stuck in Lair of the Clockwork God? Check our walkthrough to find out how to clear the Disappointment and Hope levels, and find the next RAM.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Lair of the Clockwork God!

As this is an adventure game, we recommend you explore the area, talk to all the characters, and inspect and use all the objects you can. If you’re still stuck, find out how to solve puzzles in the walkthrough below.

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Chapter 17: SUFFERING: A Study

This chapter is set in an apartment. Dan and Ben both have terrible hangovers, and the loud music is killing them. Ben refuses to go any further from the bed with the music so loud, so you’ll have to turn it down.

Literally. Go into your game’s main menu, then Options, then Auditory, and turn the Music Volume slider all the way to the left. Then return to the game.

With the music gone, move Ben to the right and keep going even after he has to crawl on the floor. Finally, Ben will comment that he cannot go any further. You still need to get him his coffee, though.

To get the coffee, first open up your inventory and combine the underwire (that you got from the bra) with the severed arm. Next, used the mechanised arm with the mug of coffee. Now use the underwire (in your inventory) with the power socket, and finally, use the mechanised arm. This will cause the arm to grasp the mug of coffee. Now pick up the arm to get the coffee.

Chapter 18: HOPE: A Study

For this one you just need to keep walking right. There’s no puzzles or platforming here, the level is, as Ben says, a walking simulator. Keep going right until the level ends.

Lair of the Clockwork God walkthrough

Chapter 19: Once More, With Feelings!

Go all the way back down to the big room that came after the VR room (use the portal and your own teleporting ability to get there). First, we’ll go exploring with Dan.

Return to the upper corridors that you previously accessed the last time you were in the lair. Here, you will find that you can go down a shaft at the bottom-right, past a gravity rip. There’s a blinking keypad here with the word ‘CODE’ on it, but you can’t do anything about it just yet. Go to the left and open up the hatch.

Teleport Ben to where the keypad is and have him examine it. Once this is done, bring Ben back to the main room, where you’ll notice a Brain in a Jar in the middle of the room. Use the Mug o’ Coffee from your inventory to wake it up.

Put on the Guard Hat and talk to the Brain. State that you are from maintenance and then ask for the keypad combo. If you pay attention to the various jars (or vats?) that surround the Brain, they will light up in a sequence of colours. This is the combination you need to proceed.

The combination stays the same through replays, so here it is if you’d like to save time: green, red, red, purple, blue, purple.

Bring Ben back to the ‘boring panel’ that is the keypad, and press the buttons according to their colour. To put it in numerical terms, you need to press 411656.

Lair of the Clockwork God

Switch to Dan and right for another platforming section. Use the first gravity rip to go upside-down, and land on the laser-emitting-block. Jump onto the moving platform to the right, and run to the wall to the right before the platform crushes you. Proceed onto the ‘tall’ platform.

From here, head right, avoiding the lasers and jumping across platforms. You’ll end up in a gravity rip going right, and then you’ll have shoot down the red stuff. Proceed ‘right’ and you’ll find a checkpoint. Access it (and die) to return to normal gravity. Alternately, shoot down the red stuff to use the gravity rip and return to normal gravity.

From here, simply run right and jump to the higher platform to grab the RAM chip.

Assuming you left Ben back near the keypad, teleport over to Ben and get to the portal in the room that came before the VR room. Use it to go back up to the Mechanic and use the carts to head to the final emotion.

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