Lair of the Clockwork God Walkthrough – Chapters 20 and 21

Stuck in Lair of the Clockwork God? Check our walkthrough to find out how to clear the Regret level and get out of the lair once and for all.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Lair of the Clockwork God!

As this is an adventure game, we recommend you explore the area, talk to all the characters, and inspect and use all the objects you can. If you’re still stuck, find out how to solve puzzles in the walkthrough below.

For more information on Lair of the Clockwork God, check out the developer’s official website here.

Chapter 20: REGRET: A Study

This one should be familiar to you. Start with Ben and go as far right as possible. Then switch to Dan and also go right, but jump onto the yellow button on the higher platform, so that you raise Ben up.

Have Ben pull the red lever and go right, where you’ll find the bearded dude. Push him into the spikes. Have Dan jump onto the dead body and then across. After the cutscene, step on the next yellow button to lower the spikes, and step off to raise the block to the left. Have Ben stand on the block.

Lower Ben down to the pit and then switch to him. Head to Tarquin’s corpse and grab his stuff.

Switch to Dan and jump on the yellow bounce-pad. Go up, through the tunnel and jump onto the balloon monster. Drop down, push the crate to the far right until it falls down. Push the crate to the left until it’s in the electrically arcing machine, and it will be pullable from the other side.

Jump onto the platform with the yellow button and press the button. Head to where the diamond timer in the floor is and stay there until you are raised up by the block. Jump right onto the bounce pad and then jump left. Return the way you came from here, so that you can pull the crate all the way into the pit where Ben is (you’ll need to push it towards the end).

Lower the stone block for Ben to stand on (using the yellow button) and have Ben stand on it. Then step off the block to raise it, and enter the pit. Pull the crate over to where Ben is, so that he can step onto the crate. Once you’ve got Ben on the crate, pull the crate back to the right end of the pit.

As Ben, use the boots in your inventory with the power source. Then use the boots with it once more to get the leaky battery. Pick up the leaky battery from the platform to the right and continue to the right.

When you reach the vines, use the leaking battery on the vines to clear your way. As Dan, head to where Ben is, enter the small room here and jump on the balloon monster to destroy it. As Ben, pick up the remains of the creature.

Next, take Ben to the left, so that he’s near the platform with the yellow button, and have Dan step on the yellow button. Once the lift is down and the diamond is lit, have Ben stand in position, and then release the button as Dan, so that you lift Ben up. Pick up the second creature’s remains.

Bring Ben back down to the ground using the button and the lift. As Ben, use the remains of the Trumpet-Bottomed Creature with the Size 13 Boots to get your double-jump boots. Use the double-jump boots on Dan to give them to him.

As Ben, go all the way to the right, so that you’re in the right-hand-side corner of the room with the skeleton. Then as Dan, double-jump your way up, and go to the yellow button located on a platform above the cyan mist. Step on the button to lift Ben up.

Have Ben wear the Bubble Pipe and step into the cyan mist. When you reach the Gas Leak, ‘use’ it to stop the leak. Proceed right and use the red lever. Then have Dan reach Ben’s position and step on the yellow button.

Lair of the Clockwork God screenshot

In the next area, have Ben stand on the stone block and have Dan step on the button to lower Ben. As Ben, go right and use the leaking battery on the hanging crate. As Dan, push the crate to the right, so that it is halfway on the button in the niche to the right. Jump onto the crate and then double-jump onto the higher platform that you’ve unlocked.

Jump onto the girder to the left and pull the plane to the right until it falls down. As Ben, use the battery on the plane to power up its propeller. Push the plane to the left as Dan, until the propeller cuts down the radio tower.

As Ben, pick up the leaking battery on the fallen radio tower and go all the way up. Use the battery on the wires to clear the way. As usual, use the button and the lever as Dan and Ben respectively to clear the way. Finally, pick up the flower as Ben to finish the level.

Chapter 21: Fighting the Clockwork God

Start by teleporting yourself to Dan’s location when he’s on the higher platform. Go left to the Little Cog and use your lollipop on it to hinder it. Next, use the holo-spanner on cog to take it off and pick it up.

Go to the far left and use the mechanised arm on the lift lever to call the lift up. Step onto the lift to go down.

Head right and stand underneath the gravity rip. ‘Use’ the gravity rip and you’ll unlock a super special ability for Ben. Now wear the brolly-hat and jump into the gravity rip to float your way to the roof. Head to the RAM and grab it. Then return to the lower floor by stepping into the gravity rip to the right of the room.

Once you’re on the lower floor again, go to the sealed door to the far right. Use the bra on it and return to the gravity rip. Jump into it (while wearing the brolly-hat) and float all the way to the left, so that you end up in the same place where you found the cog earlier.

Use the Little Wheely Cog on the Empty Cog Axle and then return to the lower floor by stepping into the gravity rip. This will bring you back to the lower floor, so walk all the way right, through the open door, and into the green cyber-y stuff.

Lair of the Clockwork God screenshot

Once you gain control of Dan, run to Ben and pick him up. Run to the left and shoot the Nazis in the face as you go. At the far left, drop down and when you see the UFO, shoot it down. Keep going, shooting UFOs as you go, until you drop down into the VR room.

Proceed left from here and shoot down the skeleton T-Rex when you see it. Then proceed through the gap in the floor and shoot down the red monsters in the corridor. To the right, you’ll see another pair of red monsters: one flying and the other a tentacle. Shoot them down as well.

Continue right, past the monsters, jumping up as required, and proceed up the slope, killing the roof-bound monster along the way. You’ll enter the Brain room from here. Kill the monsters and shoot through the red stuff to continue to the right. Shoot down another monster, and run to the right until you reach the escape capsule. Head towards it until the game ends.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Lair of the Clockwork God!

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