Monument Valley Walkthrough – Chapter 3

Stuck in Monument Valley? Here’s how to complete the third chapter of the game, in which Ida has an unexpected meeting.

Monument Valley Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for Monument Valley! This guide was made with the Panoramic Edition in mind, but it should be valid for all versions of the game. For more information on Monument Valley, check out the official website here.

Chapter 3

Grab the platform with the circular handles that’s closest to Ida and drag it towards her, so that it is aligned with the platform next to Ida. This should create a path onto the platform. Have Ida climb up the ladder and get onto the platform. Drag the handle-platform all the way to the other end and send Ida up the ladder. Once again, drag the second handle-platform towards Ida, have her step on it, and then ferry her across to the other end. Proceed through the door on this ledge. Monument Valley screenshot Grab the vertical handle-platform and drag it down to align with the ledge Ida is on. Step onto this platform and then use the handle to raise it back up. Step on the pink switch to create a path to the next doorway. Proceed into the doorway. In this next screen, simply go up the ladder and stairway and talk with the mysterious figure. Climb the next set of ladders, and then proceed across the bridge to the smaller ladders… for a surprise. Monument Valley screenshot Move Ida onto the floor tile with the marking on it, then pull down the pillar with the circular handles that’s located to the left of the level exit. Pull it down as low as it can go to raise Ida up to the higher platform. Now continue up the two small ladders, onto the small square platform. Raise the circular handle platform to the right of Ida, as high as it can go, to lower another platform for Ida to step on. Put Ida on this lowered platform, and lower the handle-platform until it is aligned with Ida’s platform. Get Ida to step onto the handle-platform, and then raise Ida up to where the button is located. Step on the button to open up a stairway to the level exit. Head on to the next part of our Monument Valley walkthrough here!

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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