Monument Valley Walkthrough – Chapter 7, Part 1

Stuck in Monument Valley? Here’s how to complete part 1 of the seventh chapter of the game, in which we manipulate crows to do our bidding.

Monument Valley Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for Monument Valley! This guide was made with the Panoramic Edition in mind, but it should be valid for all versions of the game.

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Chapter 7

Part 1

Surprise! We’re guiding not Ida, but a crow. You’ll find some rotation handles at the bottom of this place – rotate 90 degrees in any direction to create a path for the crow. When the crow is on the second darkened pathway, rotate 90 degrees again, so that the crow goes onto the button.

Monument Valley

And now we’re back to Ida. Have her cross the darkened pathway and then rotate the handle 90 degrees. This will clear a path for Ida to get to the door on top of the screen.

In the next screen, you can move the platform the crow is on by using the circular handles on the platform. Slide it to the right and have the crow step on the button there a few times, until the L-shaped block below is aligned with the path that Ida is on. Quickly slide the platform away to prevent the crow from pressing the button again.

Monument Valley

Have Ida step onto the L-shaped block.

Now slide the crow’s platform to the left to repeat as before with the button to the left. This time, you want the second L-shaped block to face Ida. Slide the crow’s platform back to the right, so that the crow steps on the button enough times to connect Ida’s platform with the newly-rotated platform.

Slide the crow’s platform away (to the middle) and then have Ida move onto the new platform.

Monument Valley

Now bring the crow’s platform back to the left and have the crow press the button twice, so that the L-shaped block is aligned with the next platform. Ida can now step on the next button, so have her do just that.

The perspective has now changed, but the rules are still the same.

Have Ida return to the L-shaped platform, and connect the crow to the button that’s now to the right. Have the crow press the button three times, so that Ida is connected with the doorway. Send Ida into the doorway.

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