Monument Valley Walkthrough – Chapter 8, Part 1

Stuck in Monument Valley? Here’s how to complete part 1 of the eighth chapter of the game, which takes place entirely in a box.

Monument Valley Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for Monument Valley! This guide was made with the Panoramic Edition in mind, but it should be valid for all versions of the game.

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Chapter 8

Part 1

This chapter’s a bit different. Begin by holding the upper-right circular handle and dragging the box open. This reveals Ida to us, so step on the button on the middle level. Stepping on the button will light up one of the towers. You want to light up all four towers by progressing to different parts of the box.

Monument Valley screenshot

Go through one of the doors to continue and then ‘close’ the box by dragging the upper handle shut again. This walkthrough will assume you picked the lower-level door first.

The lower-level door in the blue room will take you to the yellow room, which you can access from the upper-left handle.

Go through the door to the far right to end up in the centre of the room. Step on the button here to activate the second light. Go back through the middle door and then return through the door you came, to the blue room.

As before, close the lid and open the lid up from the right side to see Ida in the blue room. This time, go through the upper-level door.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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