Monument Valley Walkthrough – Ida’s Dream, First Area

Stuck in Monument Valley? Here’s how to complete the first area of Ida’s Dream, and how to access it in the Windmill Hub.

Monument Valley Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for Monument Valley! This guide was made with the Panoramic Edition in mind, but it should be valid for all versions of the game.

For more information on Monument Valley, check out the official website here.

Ida’s Dream

Ida’s Dream features 5 different levels that are connected by a windmill hub. We’ll begin with the lowermost floor and work our way up.

First, rotate the windmill so that you can see the big gear at the back of the windmill. There’s a door to the right of the gear – have Ida enter it.

First Area

Step on any of the marked tiles at the bottom of the screen.

Grab the circular handles and pull up about halfway of the full length it can be pulled up. If you do this, you will get a path to the lowermost blue button. Step on this button.

Head to the next set of marked tiles after pressing the button down. Pull the circular handles all the way up this time and press the button next to the marked tiles. Now you have a clear path to the highest button in the area, so go to that button.

Monument Valley screenshot

After pressing the button, return to the previous marked tile area, i.e. the one next to the button. Grab the circular handles again and flatten the structure by dragging the handles all the way down.

Now go to the marked tile area near where the handles are.

Monument Valley

Drag the handles all the way up and enter the blue door.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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