Mutropolis Walkthrough – Act 1

Stuck in Mutropolis? This walkthrough will guide you through finding the missing trowel and opening the ancient door in Act 1 of the game.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Mutropolis! As this is an adventure game, we encourage you to explore the game on your own at first. Examine and interact with every object, talk to every character, and if you still can’t seem to progress, feel free to consult this solution guide. For more information on Mutropolis, check out the official website here.

Act 1 – Discovering

You’ll begin the game at an archeology site. You should start off by talking to everyone and familiarising yourself with the characters. To proceed, open Henry’s backpack, which can be found to the right of Micro (it has a blue flap). Mutropolis game screenshot You can now ask each of the characters about your missing trowel, but to proceed, you must head to the right of the cave and talk to Professor Totel. He’s far too distracted by the door and its inscriptions. Pull down your inventory and use the Geological Chronometer on the Door. [the_ad_group id=”3687″] Talk to Totel after doing this, and he will more amenable to conversing with you. You can talk to him about whatever you like, but to proceed, you must ask him about your lost trowel. Mutropolis game screenshot Return to the main part of the cave and investigate the rubble to the left of the hole. Henry will notice footprints and heel marks, which points to a certain member of your team being involved. Talk to Carlata and ask her where she was between 10 and 11. After the conversation, talk to Micro. You can’t get him free to talk to you, so you’ll have to find a way to light up the hole. This way, he can see if Max has landed on solid ground, and let go of the rope if needed. Go back towards Totel and pick up the Big Mushroom to the left of the area where Totel is. Return to the hole and use the Big Mushroom from your inventory on the hole. Mutropolis game screenshot Talk to Micro again and ask him where he was between 11 and 12. After you finish conversing with him, go towards the Entrance of the cave, to the left. Examine the rocks that surround the Entrance (it doesn’t matter if you examine the left or right ones). After your new discovery, go to Cobra and question her by asking her if she thought she would get away with it. [the_ad_group id=”3687″] Use reverse psychology when you get the option to. After the conversation, examine the blue powder on the ground near Cobra’s feet. After Henry has deduced Cobra’s crime, head where Carlata is and examine the clump of mushrooms directly behind her. Mutropolis screenshot You found your trowel! Next, we need to open up the door that Totel is so obsessed with. First, interact with the toolbox to Carlata’s left (near the Entrance). Now go to Luc and ask him about the toolbox. After this, talk to Micro and ask him about the toolbox too. Return to the toolbox and Henry will use the password to open it up. You’ll get a new item in your inventory: Aqua Dentata, which is a solvent. Return to Totel’s area and use the Aqua Dentata on the Door. Then, use your Trowel on the Door. Use the handle on the door and head through the door. After the cutscene sequence, exit the scene to the left to return to the cave. Head to the next section of our Mutropolis walkthrough here!

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