Mutropolis Walkthrough – Act 2 (Lockpicking Book, Getting the Wires)

Stuck in Mutropolis? This walkthrough will guide you through learning about lockpicks and then acquiring a metal wire in Act 2 of the game.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Mutropolis! As this is an adventure game, we encourage you to explore the game on your own at first. Examine and interact with every object, talk to every character, and if you still can’t seem to progress, feel free to consult this solution guide.

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Act 2 (Contd.)

After the conversation with Luc, you will have three objectives: 1. to find Totel’s co-ordinates, 2. to secure transport for the crew to Sector 7, and 3. to find survival equipment for the crew.

Although these objectives can be done in any order, they are very interconnected and you often need to progress in one goal before you can progress in another, and so on.

Mutropolis screenshot

In this walkthrough, we’ll first find the survival kit, then secure transport, and then find Totel’s co-ordinates.

At this point, it’s best to explore the new areas opened up to you via the elevator. There’s a lot of new people to talk to as well!

To proceed with the survival kit quest, go to the Main Corridor and check the Security Cupboard that’s on the red wall (to the right of the door to Carlata’s office). That doesn’t work out, but it’s clear there’s a keyhole there.

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Go to the elevator to the far left of the main corridor now, and press the 0 button to go to the basement. In Frida’s lab, have a look at the glass display cases to the right of the door you entered through. The first two are empty, but the third has a book in it. Examine the book.

Mutropolis screenshot

With the book open, read the instructions by examining the pages.

Your new objective is to fashion lockpicks. You will specifically need too pieces of thin metal and then change their shape into what the book depicts.

You already have one such item with the paper clip from Totel’s note. For the other item, return to Totel’s office and examine the crooked green mask on the left side of the screen. Use the mask a couple more times and then pick up the metal piece that falls to the floor.

Next up, head back to the lab. There’s a cage set into the wall to the left of where Micro is sitting. It has a sign marked ‘Trevor’. Interact with the cage, and then talk to Micro about Trevor.

The clue you learn from Micro is that you can trick Trevor into appearing by offering him food. You can acquire food from the vending machine on the ground floor (1), but you will first need your ID.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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