Nine Witches: Family Disruption Walkthrough – Part 3 (Section 2)

Stuck in Nine Witches: Family Disruption? This walkthrough will guide you through the third part, covering contacting Sauerkraut.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games Walkthrough for Nine Witches: Family Disruption! As this is an adventure game, we encourage you to first explore the game by yourself. Examine and interact with every object, talk to every character, and if you really can’t make any headway, feel free to consult this solution guide.

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Part 3: Sundäe (Contd.)

Your next goal should be to obtain the permit from Sauerkraut.

Return to the town on the far north of the map. Head to the left until you find a German officer with purple lips and an eyepatch. Use the door next to him and you’ll enter into conversation with him. Exhaust his dialogue to exit conversation.

Now switch to the Professor Krakovitz as the active character. Use your psychic ability and then interact with the door that we just tried to interact with. You will now be able to enter it psychically.

After Krakovitz relays his information to Akiro, switch to psychic form again and re-enter the cottage. This time, head to the telephone in the north-east of the room, next to the typewriter.

Examine it and you’ll get a close-up of the telephone, including its number. This number changes with every playthrough, so we cannot provide it in this walkthrough. Make a note of this number or take a screenshot.

Exit psychic form and switch back to Akiro. Talk to the bearded villager next to the tavern (if you haven’t talked to him already). After this, enter the tavern itself.

Head to the far left of the tavern and interact with the telephone on the bar. Then talk to the bartender and ask him about phone plans. As you learn from him, you will need 26 coins to purchase the basic phone plan and call Sauerkraut.

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You cannot find enough coins by simply scavenging, so you’ll have to find another way to make cash.

Head out of town and go far, far south. Go west from the guarded farm and then to the first cabin that you see. Enter inside and you’ll find an old man sleeping. Pick up the green crowbar lying near his bed.

Nine Witches screenshot

Now head out and return to town. Go to the absolute far left of the town screen and use the crowbar on the basement door. Enter the basement and interact with the single crate on the left of the screen.

Here you’ll find a red book lying behind the crate. Pick it up.

Head out and into the tavern. Use the red book on the Flammenbuch-48 (the vending-machine-like green machine on the right side of the screen). You should get a bunch of coins from the machine for this, but it won’t be enough.

Talk to Josef, the drunk German officer with the bottle of alcohol in his hand.

Nine Witches screenshot

Exhaust his dialogue and after he pees on the floor, leave the tavern and then the town. This should trigger a cutscene where Schmidt opens up his food truck in the market.

Head over there and you’ll find Josef searching for coins on the ground. You need to grab the coins here without him noticing. First, position yourself at a coin and wait for him to look in the opposite direction from you, then pick up the coin.

You should find four coins in all in the market.

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Nine Witches screenshot

Head over to the church and collect the two coins in the church premises (you can’t go inside physically just yet).

Now return to the tavern in the town. With the officers all out to buy fish, interact with the record player to stop it. This will cause the bartender to leave his post.

As soon as he is fiddling with the record player, steal the coins on the tables. If you collect both tips from the table, you will have enough money by now to purchase the basic phone plan.

If you still do not have enough money, make sure you collected all the coins from the market, the church, and the viewpoint, and burnt the book from the basement.

Once you have 26 coins, talk to the bartender and inquire about the phone plans. State that you want to purchase the basic plan and after the conversation, use the telephone in the tavern.

Now enter the number you noted earlier while inside Sauerkraut’s cottage. If you entered it correctly, a cutscene will follow.

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