Nine Witches: Family Disruption Walkthrough – Part 4 (Section 1)

Stuck in Nine Witches: Family Disruption? This walkthrough will guide you through the fouth part, covering finding the hens for Anton.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games Walkthrough for Nine Witches: Family Disruption! As this is an adventure game, we encourage you to first explore the game by yourself. Examine and interact with every object, talk to every character, and if you really can’t make any headway, feel free to consult this solution guide.

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Part 4: Sauerkraut

Head out of the bar and over to Sauerkraut’s now-unguarded cottage. After the cutscene, head out of the cottage.

Nine Witches screenshot

After another cutscene, head out of Town and go to the Market. As the soldiers have all cleared out, we can finally talk to Schmidt.

Exhaust your dialogue options with Schmidt until you finish your conversation. Head out of the Market.

Head over to the church, which is now open. After conversing with Mother Constantine, head over to the door on the far right of the church. You cannot enter it physically, so switch to Krakovitz and use your psychic ability to enter through the door.

After making your discovery past the door, examine the steel cable to the right of Marcel. Then, exit the psychic form to return to your body. After the conversation, you will have a new objective: to help Marcel.

Nine Witches screenshot

Once you’ve returned to the church’s main area, return to psychic form and you’ll find a spirit to talk to. Talk to Father Olsen here and exhaust all your dialogue with him.

At the end of this conversation, the door will be open for you. Head inside the door as Akiro.

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After the conversation with Marcel, you will learn how to help him. Proceed out of the church.

Go South now and back to the cabin where you found the crowbar before (the first cabin from the right). Go to the far right and talk to the old man.

Nine Witches screenshot

After talking to the man, go to the massacred remains of the hens and examine them. Return to Anton after this, and talk to him. Mention that only five hen died.

After this conversation ends, you will have another new objective: to find and retrieve four hens.

Begin by going to the left of Anton’s cabin and picking up corn kernels from the sack. Now leave the cabin area and go to the cabin to the left of Anton’s cabin. This is the one that’s closest to the forest.

You should find a hen in the open here. Drop the kernels somewhere near the hen and then step away from them.

Wait for the hen to approach the kernels and start pecking at them. When she does this, run over from behind her and pick her up from behind. If you try to pick her up from the front, the hen will notice and run away, wasting your kernels.

You might need to chase the hen a little if she is far away from the kernels. If you run out of corn kernels, return to Anton’s cabin and refill them.

Return to Anton’s cabin and use the hen with the hen house. Refill your corn kernels on your way out.

For the next hens, head over into the forest to the far left from the cabins.

One of the hens should be on the first forest screen. Follow the same procedure as before: lay out the kernels, stand away, then run in from behind and pick up the hen when she starts pecking.

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Once again, return to Anton, toss the hen in the hen house, and refill your corn kernels.

Return to the forest. Go left from the first screen using the upper path (i.e. the one illuminated by moonlight rays). This will take you to another screen. If you chose the lower path, you will return to the first screen itself.

Nine Witches screenshot

On the second screen, there’s another hen wandering about. Follow the same procedure as always to catch her and then return to Anton’s hen house. Remember to refill your kernels.

For the final hen, return to the forest and go to the second screen. Go to the far left from here and you will enter the third screen (which has a cliff).

Use the same procedure as before to capture this hen.

After the cutscene, quickly grab your gun from the ground (should be near Akiro) and shoot the zombie dead.

Nine Witches screenshot

Head right from your location to return to above the cliff. From here, head left to return to the first forest screen.

Exit and return to Anton’s cabin. Put the hen in the hen house and enter the cabin itself. Now talk to Anton.

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