Nine Witches: Family Disruption Walkthrough – Part 7

Stuck in Nine Witches: Family Disruption? This walkthrough will guide you through the fifth part, covering the jail and the bunker.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games Walkthrough for Nine Witches: Family Disruption! As this is an adventure game, we encourage you to first explore the game by yourself. Examine and interact with every object, talk to every character, and if you really can’t make any headway, feel free to consult this solution guide.

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Part 7: Edda

We begin this section in a jail cell. You don’t have any means of escaping the cell directly for now, but you can travel psychically as the Professor. Even so, there is nothing to do in the corridor outside just yet.

Nine Witches screenshot

As Akiro, use the toilet and wait for the scene to finish. During this scene, you’ll notice Reinthaller appear by the cell.

Switch to Krakovitz and enter psychic mode, then leave the cell. Outside, you’ll find the man we need smoking by the cell door.

Talk to Reinthaller and you’ll be able to control him. Have him unlock the cell door. Next, keep taking him left by calling him over short distances.

Nine Witches screenshot

Follow the sound of the sparking wire, which is down the corridor. When you see the exposed wire, have Reinthaller interact with the wire.

Return to your body now.

Switch to Akiro and get out of the jail cell.

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You can now explore the corridor area at will, but to proceed, switch to the professor and psychically enter the vault door near the jail cell.

Examine the naked woman on the bed to the right and wait for the scene to finish.

Nine Witches screenshot

After this, you will have three witchy objectives: to recover the sacred stone, to find the witch’s sisters, and to get the witch out of the bunker.

First, however, we need to get ourselves out of the bunker. The door leading out (far left of the corridor) is locked electronically, and its controls are in the room nearby. Before you can use the control there, you will need to restore power to the switch.

Now go to the absolute far right of the corridor and enter the green door to the bathroom. Pick up the red duct tape. Also pick up the glass jar near the urinal while you’re here.

Return to the corridor and go to the broken wire. Use the duct tape with the broken wire.

Nine Witches screenshot

Head right through the corridor again and you’ll find another broken wire that’s sparking. It’s to the right of a couple of wooden crates. Use the duct tape on this wire too.

Open the door near this wire and go inside. On the back wall, to the left of the screen, you’ll find a big lever. Pull it down so that the red lights become green.

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Return to the corridor and go to the locked door near the framed painting that includes the Chancellor.

Nine Witches screenshot

After the conversation, talk to Lundgren and interact with the lever to the far right of the room. If you restored the power as instructed above, the door will light up green.

After the conversation, return to your body.

A new objective takes priority: to stop the rocket launch.

Leave the bunker now that the door is electronically unlocked. Head left and complete the combat sequence here to proceed.

Go to the stairs to the far left and use them to go up them.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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