Nine Witches: Family Disruption Walkthrough – Part 9 (Section 2)

Stuck in Nine Witches: Family Disruption? This walkthrough will guide you through acquiring the fertilizer and reviving Princess.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games Walkthrough for Nine Witches: Family Disruption! As this is an adventure game, we encourage you to first explore the game by yourself. Examine and interact with every object, talk to every character, and if you really can’t make any headway, feel free to consult this solution guide.

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Part 9 (Contd.)

Next up in our gardening odyssey, we are going to need some fertilizer. For this, you can use the horse poop from the spot on the road where you accosted Otto von Zelluloid. However, you will need something to carry it in first.

For this, you can use a plastic bag, which is lying in the minefield in the forest. In order to get the bag, you will need to find a way across the minefield, so that you can disable the mines.

The tool you need is a balloon, just like the clown in the Temple party showed you.

Go to the Temple and pick up the merchandising balloon from the bloody legs just south of the hanging clown.

Nine Witches screenshot

Go south to the submarine base and take the stairs down. You’ll notice a silver tube near the stairs and before the submarine: examine it and use the balloon with it.

Now go to the forest and through all the screens we previously went through to reach the Hidden Trail. When you get to the minefield, stand at the very leftmost edge of the grass, i.e. just before the minefield itself. Use your inflated balloon here. If you stand anywhere else, you will get blown to bits.

Nine Witches screenshot

Once on the other side, use the lever to disable the minefield. Enter the minefield area and pick up the bag.

With the plastic bag in hand, you can now go to West Bridge (near your parked car) and take the motorcycle on the far left of the screen, to the meeting spot.

Use the plastic bag with the poop on the road. Then, use the motorcycle again to return to the West bridge. Exit the West bridge. There is now a third step involved in reviving Princess, but you can check your progress so far by using the Interplanetary Beacon and returning to the Selenite.

Over at the Selenite’s place, use the plastic bag with the horse manure on Princess. Next, use the watering can on Princess.

Nine Witches screenshot

This is not enough for the Selenite, so it’s time for the third step. Talk to the Selenite to return to Earth.

For the third step, we must access the crashed plane to the north, near the cliff. In order to get in, we’ll need to find a way to pull the door open. For this, return to the Selenite by using your Interplanetary Beacon and then pick up the plunger near his UFO spaceship. As usual, talk to the Selenite to return to Earth.

Go north to the crashed plane and use the plunger on the door. Go inside.

Nine Witches screenshot

Go to the far right and interact with the crate. With the intimate cream in hand, return to the Selenite using the Interplanetary Beacon and use the intimate cream on Princess.

This will complete your objectives concerning the stone and the Selenite.

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