Nine Witches: Family Disruption Walkthrough – Part 9 (Section 4)

Stuck in Nine Witches: Family Disruption? This walkthrough will guide you through acquiring the ashes and getting Edda out of the bunker.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games Walkthrough for Nine Witches: Family Disruption! As this is an adventure game, we encourage you to first explore the game by yourself. Examine and interact with every object, talk to every character, and if you really can’t make any headway, feel free to consult this solution guide.

For more information, check out the game’s official website here.

Part 9 (Contd.)

Now that you have found the chest, you need to unlock it. To unlock the chest, you must examine the locket that you got very early on in the game. If you haven’t already unlocked it, then move the beads so that the yellow bead is on the left side of the upper slot, and the black bead is on the right side, adjacent to the yellow bead.

With the locket unlocked, pick up the key and use it on the chest that you unearthed. Grab the ashes from the chest.

Nine Witches screenshot

There’s only one objective left now: to break the witch out.

Exit the tunnels and then head right towards the minefield.

After the combat sequence, go to the minefield and interact with the two-headed creature. After the conversation, pick up the rusty key.

Nine Witches screenshot

Head out of the forest.

Before we head to the submarine base and awaken the witch, we should find a way to revive her from her slumber. At this point, check if you have the glass jar in your inventory (I suggested picking it up in Part 7 when you’re at the bunker urinal).

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If you don’t have the glass jar, you’ll have to head to the submarine base, return to the bathroom where you found the duct tape, pick up the glass jar near the urinal, and then head all the way over to Sundäe town.

If you already have the glass jar in your inventory, go directly to Sundäe town and enter the tavern there. Go to the puddle of piss where Josef was standing previously, and use the glass jar on it the piss.

Nine Witches screenshot

Once you have the glass jar with pee, return to the submarine base. Enter the base proper and use the key on the first door, near the portrait of Handloser and the Chancellor. Enter through this door.

Pick up the dynamite sticks on the floor, near the portrait.

Head out to the Vault Door (where the witch is locked up) and use the dynamite with the vault door. Next, use the match box with the dynamite.

After the explosion, head on into the vault.

Use the jar with urine on Edda.

In the next scene on the cliff, use the ashes on the hole.

Finally, watch the remaining cutscenes to conclude the game! If you stick through the credits, you should get an achievement, if you’re into that sort of thing.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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