Planet of Lana Walkthrough – The Past

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Check out our walkthrough of Planet of Lana to find out how to complete the seventh level of the game, The Past.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Planet of Lana. This guide covers both the story and all shrine locations in the game.

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The Past

Go right until you encounter a white, ring-shaped switch. Interact with it for a cutscene, and then go right once the door opens.

Planet of Lana Walkthrough – The Past

Go right, using the rope, drop down, and then slide down the slope going left. Continue going downwards, and you’ll find an electrified platform. If you step on this platform, you’ll die.

Instead of dropping on to it, run left and drop down to the lowermost platform. Send Mui through the very narrow gap and have them press the button.

Next, have Mui follow you again, and climb up to the upper platform. Drop back down on the former electrified platform and keep going right.

After this, you’ll be running and platforming for a while, taking in the sights, until you encounter a cutscene. Go down the ledge and the slope to proceed.

Planet of Lana Walkthrough – The Past

Our first puzzle in the area involves a monstrous spider and a switch. The switch controls a portion of the floor, which can be electrified. If you electrify it, the spider will sensibly not step on it, so we need to draw it further right and then activate the switch to kill the spider.

Begin by assigning Mui to the switch, and keep it off. Wait for the spider to start going left, then drop down as Lana and run right. When the spider turns, it will spot you – make sure you’re clear of the electrification area, and have Mui turn the switch on when the spider is over the electrified floor.

Planet of Lana Walkthrough – The Past

Once the spider is dead, have Mui follow you again. Send Mui onto the high platform to drop the rope for you, then climb the rope, and proceed right.

Run through the dark, then the holographic light, and finally drop down the ledges to find another switch, and a gaping chasm. There’s nothing on the other side of the chasm, so you’re going to have to make your way down.

Assign Mui to the switch and press it once. The bridge will now span the chasm, and Lana can cross it to the other side.

Planet of Lana Walkthrough – The Past

Do so, and then have Mui trigger the switch again. With the bridge closed again, Lana can drop to the lower platform.

Have Mui follow you, and drop down to the lower floor.

Planet of Lana Walkthrough – The Past

Proceed through the tunnel to another puzzle area.

Here, you can climb up two ledges to the switch, but if you press it, you’ll find that it electrifies the machine on the left, and does nothing else.

Begin solving this puzzle by assigning Mui to this electrification switch, but don’t press it. With the switch turned off, have Lana return to the machine with the yellow handle, and drag it into the water. 

Swim to the right side of the water and drag the counterpart machine into the water as well. Like the first machine, it has a yellow handle. Then go to the far right of the lower floor, clear of the water, and have Mui press the switch.

Now that the electricity has reached Lana’s side, press the switch near Lana, on the lower floor to the right of the screen. This will enable the bridge.

Wait for the bridge to fully extend, then turn off the electricity as Mui. Be careful not to de-activate the bridge as Lana! Otherwise, you’ll have to activate the bridge again before turning the electricity off.

With the electricity off, cross the water as Lana, go back up to Mui, have Mui follow you, and cross the bridge.

Planet of Lana Walkthrough – The Past

Past the bridge, as usual, send Mui up to drop the rope, then climb the rope and go left, then up, then right.

Follow Mui to the right, and then continue right to a rope. Have Mui follow you again. Get on the rope, swing right, and continue running right.

Planet of Lana Walkthrough – The Past

You’ll reach a room with a ring-shaped switch again – press it for a cutscene, then interact with the object in the center of the room. After the next cutscene, go right and then down a few ledges.

You’ll find yourself on a suspended platform that descends with your weight. Allow it to take you down and then go to the far left of the area. This is a puzzle area, and the first in which Lana can control the machines using the control bracelet she has acquired.

Planet of Lana Walkthrough – The Past

Interact with the hemispherical control panel on the far left, and you’ll find yourself in control of the moving platform. We need to use the moving platform for this puzzle, despite its semi-broken state, which causes it to keep descending automatically.

Move the platform to the right of the middle platform, so that the moving platform’s left edge is touching the middle platform’s right edge. Now moving the moving platform as far up as it will go, and let go of the controls as Lana.

Planet of Lana Walkthrough – The Past

Quickly run to the middle platform and wait for the moving platform to come down for you. Jump onto the moving platform, wait for it to descend some more, and then jump onto the lower platform to the left.

Planet of Lana Walkthrough – The Past

Once you’re on this platform, interact with the vent cover on the far left of the tunnel to open up a path. Now return to the control panel through this opened-up path.

Move the moving platform as far left as it will go, then let go of the control panel. Send Mui to sit on the moving platform, and then return to the control panel.

Now move the moving platform (carrying Mui) to the far right of the area, so that Mui is aligned with the yellow exposed wire holding the curled up bridge in place.

You can’t cut this cable just yet because of the electricity, but thankfully, we can turn off the electricity with the switch in the lower tunnel we’ve unlocked.

Planet of Lana Walkthrough – The Past

Move Mui’s platform all the way to the top while making sure Mui is aligned with the exposed cable, and then let go of the control panel.

Quickly run right as Lana, jumping across and crouching into the lower tunnel. Get to the switch and turn it to the left to disable the electricity. Once Mui is in range of the cable, have them cut the cable and release the bridge.

Planet of Lana Walkthrough – The Past

Once the bridge is unfurled, turn the electricity back on with the same switch Lana is at. Go back to the control panel as Lana and move the moving platform so that it’s exactly between the middle platform and the bridge to the right.

As usual, move the platform all the way up to the top before letting go of the control panel.

Planet of Lana Walkthrough – The Past

Run right, onto the middle platform, then jump onto the moving platform, and finally the bridge to the right. Once you’re on the bridge, have Mui follow you. Run right and go down the slope to reach the next area of the game – The Ocean.

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