Psychonauts 2 Boss Guide – Gluttonous Goats

Stuck on the Gluttonous Goats boss battle in Psychonauts 2? Here’s how you can beat the boss fight in the Compton’s Cookoff level.

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Gluttonous Goats

Gluttonous Goats are, taken together, the boss of the Compton’s Cookoff level of the game, which takes you into the mind of Compton Boole. This fight is themed around cooking, but unlike the rest of the level, you won’t be doing the cooking yourself – that’s Compton’s job now. Your goal is to serve up the ingredients, and then serve the dishes.

Phase 1

You have three goats here who will attack you by coughing up partially-digested morsels of food at you, as well as puking purple goop, and ramming at you head-on.

The cough-up attack is easy enough to dodge, but the puke can be hard to get away from, especially as it can cover the entire arena. Jump onto objects in the arena to avoid stepping into the goop. You can also use your levitation ball to safely clear out the goop on the floor, but be careful not to be hit by other attacks (or the spray of goop itself).

Psychonauts 2 screenshot

The ramming attack will send you straight off the arena, so you definitely want to avoid that. If you see the goats contract and prepare for a ram, then prepare to dodge away.

You cannot directly attack the goats – you have to first help Compton cook. To do this, wait for the middle goat (which looks like Ford Cruller) to puke up five morsels of half-digested food. Check the monitors for what ingredient you need, and then use Telekinesis to pull out the food from the morsels. Be careful not to drop the ingredient once you pull it out, which is all too easy given the chaotic nature of the fight.

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Once you have the correct ingredient using Telekinesis (check against the monitor, although Raz will remark on it too), shoot it into one of the pipes to the left and right of the bosses. This will send the ingredient straight to Compton. You have to repeat this procedure several times before Compton can finish his dish and send it over to you. Note that you will have to fight censors and other enemies and beat them before Compton can finish his dish.

When the dish is ready, run up to it and press the interact button to start throwing the food at one of the goats. Be sure to get to the dish as soon as possible, because if you wait too long, you will have to fight enemies again.

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Phase 2

Once the first goat is down, it will be replaced by a hand mixer. The hand mixer attacks in increasingly larger circles on the arena. It’s fairly easy to dodge, just keep an eye on the other two goats while you’re avoiding it.

Other than that, Phase 2 is the same as Phase 1. Wait for the morsels to be puked out, find the right ingredient, and toss it into the pipe. Once you have them all, fight off the enemies in the arena and serve up the dish to the leftmost goat.

Phase 3

The second goat will be replaced by a spatula. The spatula attacks by flipping you way into the air. The swooping attack is kind of like the goat ram, so it shouldn’t be too hard to dodge. As usual, the real danger lies in the purple goop.

Once again, your objective is the same as before. Pick up the right ingredients from the morsels, toss em into the pipe, fight off enemies (a Judge this time!), and serve up the final dish.

Psychonauts 2 screenshot

Once you have fed the middle goat, the boss fight will end, and you can celebrate your culinary skills.

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