Psychonauts 2 Boss Guide – Truheltia Memonstria

Stuck on the Truheltia Memonstria boss fight in Psychonauts 2? Here’s how you can beat the boss of the Bob’s Bottles level of the game.

Psychonauts 2 Boss Guides

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Truheltia Memonstria

Truheltia Memonstria is the final boss of the Bob’s Bottles level of the game, and this is one of the more spectacular and interesting fights in the game.

You’ll be cruising in a maelstrom on a raft while taking down the plants that you helped sow earlier in the level.

Psychonauts 2 boss battle screenshot

Maelstrom Phase

While you’re cruising on your raft, the first thing you need to know is that you can only move the raft left or right, i.e. towards the boss or away from it. You can also glide over the green islands to get a health refill, so be sure to use that liberally. You can also rotate your camera to get a better view (or aim).

First up, the attacks. Truheltia Memonstria’s various heads will have different attacks for you each.

Psychonauts 2 screenshot

The first attack is planting mines across the map. If your raft touches a mine, it will take damage. You can either avoid these mines or destroy them with a Psi-Blast. Sometimes, both the inner and outer rings of the maelstrom will have mines, and you will be forced to destroy one of the mines.

Another attack is the missile barrage. The missiles will hope in on you, but they can be deflected by shooting Psi-Blast at them. You don’t have to aim perfectly, just the general direction seems to be fine.

Finally, the third head produces a ring of fire. This ring will cover either the inner or outer ring of the maelstrom. This attack can only be avoided, but it’s easy to avoid as the ring that is going to go on fire will start to glow well beforehand.

To attack Truheltia Memonstria, you are reliant on your Psi-Blast. Keep shooting it every chance you get and deflect the missiles back at it.

Land Phase

After a point, Raz will land on an island. Here, punch the Moth’s cocoon to save Bob, and then fight off the enemies that appear.

Psychonauts 2 screenshot

One of the enemies is a Bad Mood, so remember to keep your Clairvoyance handy. After defeating the enemies, continue freeing Bob until you’re back in the Maelstrom phase.

Maelstrom Phase (Contd.)

Continue fighting off Truheltia Memonstria as you did before, but be wary of the Moth flying near your raft. It will drop glowing yellow traps that you must avoid.

If you touch these traps, your controls will go haywire temporarily. You cannot attack the moth or destroy its traps, so focus on the Truheltia Memonstria by shooting your Psi-Blast until the boss is downed!

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