Pupperazzi Guide – Mellowstone Objectives (Part 3)

Need help completing your objectives in Pupperazzi? Check out this guide for how to solve more objectives in the Mellowstone area.

Pupperazzi Guide

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for Pupperazzi! This guide will take you through fulfilling the objectives in the game.

We’ve arranged the guide by locations, while objectives that can span multiple locations have been put in their own sections. Remember to frequently post to dogNet and build your Follower count, as this is critical to finding new objectives and progressing in the game.

Also note that many elements of the game are randomised, such as which objectives are available to you, which ones are hidden behind the green envelope pick-up, which items can be found where, and where you might find the green envelopes.

For more information on Pupperazzi, check out the Steam page here!

Mellowstone Objectives (Part 3)

Photograph from the ledge behind the waterfall

This one is fairly self-explanatory, so head up to the ledge behind the waterfall (one of the entrances for the minecart area). Take a picture of anything while in this area and you’re done.

If your picture doesn’t count, make sure you’re standing between the waterfall and the mine entrance when you take your picture.

Pupperazzi screenshot

Find the alien artifact

For this, you must first find the ball-shaped ‘key’ to the alien door. The key is usually found on a ledge when you go from the tunnel that leads from the geyser to the pond. Double-jump onto the ledges here to find the meat-like key ball.

I have also encountered the key ball at a corner of the geyser pool, so you might want to look around.

Pick up the key ball and bring it in the proximity of the alien door, which can be found on a high ledge in the canyon. Just head to the canyon from the pond or the mine area, and jump up the ledges until you see a ‘wall’ with a similar-looking ball embedded into it. Carry your key ball up close and the door will open.

Take a picture of the ‘alien artifact’ here, it’s sitting opposite to the pile of bones.

Take a photo of the UFO

Immediately after you complete the alien artifact objective, head out of the alien area and back into the canyon, where you’ll find a UFO descending. Take a picture of it and you’re done.

Pupperazzi screenshot

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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