Pupperazzi Guide – Vinnie’s Vendaments and Scootvac

Need help completing your objectives in Pupperazzi? Check out this guide for how to solve the vending machine and scootvac objectives.

Pupperazzi Guide

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for Pupperazzi! This guide will take you through fulfilling the objectives in the game.

We’ve arranged the guide by locations, while objectives that can span multiple locations have been put in their own sections. Remember to frequently post to dogNet and build your Follower count, as this is critical to finding new objectives and progressing in the game.

Also note that many elements of the game are randomised, such as which objectives are available to you, which ones are hidden behind the green envelope pick-up, which items can be found where, and where you might find the green envelopes.

For more information on Pupperazzi, check out the Steam page here!

Vinnie’s Vendaments and Scootvac Objectives

A dog with a prop from the vending machine

Although this objective says it wants you to have a prop from the vending machine, you don’t actually need to get your prop from the vending machine. Any prop found in the wild will also do.

You can use a stick, tennis ball, disc, bone, just about anything, so long as the prop and a dog are in the same frame.

Pupperazzi screenshot

A photo of scootvac scaring a dog

This is another item–related objective. You have to either encounter a scootvac in the wild or dispense it from a shop (the latter isn’t possible without first doing the former).

Once you have the Scootvac in your hands, interact with it to set it buzzing and then set it down. Take a picture of a dog scared of the scootvac (there will be a ‘sweating’ animation above the dog). Remember to include the scootvac itself in the shot!

Scootvac scaring four or more dogs

For this one you need to take a picture of the scootvac while it’s active and scaring four dogs. This can be easily achieved on the pier at Buppy Boardwalk, where you might find a lot of dogs.

Pupperazzi screenshot

A dog with three vending machine items

Head up to a vending machine and dispense any three items. They don’t even have to be different items. Take a picture that includes all three items along with at least one dog, and you’re done with this.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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