Return to Monkey Island Guide – Part 1 (Building the Mop)

Stuck in Return to Monkey Island? Here’s how to explore the deep dark forest and finally build the mop you need.

Return to Monkey Island Guide Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to Return to Monkey Island! This guide was written with Hard Mode in mind, but Casual Mode users need not fear as the guide will note wherever the casual mode is different.

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Part 1: A Friendly Place

Section 6 (Building the Mop)

Once you enter the deep dark forest forest, simply follow the map’s directions.

If you’re playing in Casual mode, this will be fairly straightforward.

If you’re playing in Hard mode, you’ll have to keep in mind the plants located at each of the exits: Purple Flowers, Carnivorous Plants, and Mushrooms. The map will show you which plants’ exits to follow. If you follow the exits according to the plants depicted on the map, you’ll reach the tree you seek.

Return to Monkey Island

Use your knife on the tree to hack off a branch. Once you’ve got the stick, head back out of the forest (don’t worry about the maze, you’ll uh… skip through it).

Our mop isn’t quite done yet, though – it still needs a head. For this, go to the Shipyard, which you can access from the island map (exit from the Forest, Lookout, or ‘Back Way’ near the Governor’s Mansion). You’ll find it on the southeastern side of the island map, along the bay.

Go further right on the Shipyard screen to find a small ‘’strange mass’ lying on the floor. Examine it and then pick it up.

In the inventory, combine the mop handle with the sponge to complete the mop!

All you need now is the disguise to fool the quartermaster with.

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