Return to Monkey Island Guide – Part 1 (Finding ‘Ingredients’)

Stuck in Return to Monkey Island? Here’s how to learn about the cook’s problem and find the recipe book for him.

Return to Monkey Island Guide Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to Return to Monkey Island! This guide was written with Hard Mode in mind, but Casual Mode users need not fear as the guide will note wherever the casual mode is different.

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Part 1: A Friendly Place

Section 3 (Finding ‘Ingredients’)

Go back to the Scumm Bar and then into the kitchen. Use your knife on the mop to get a sliver of it… which you can’t quite do because the cook won’t let you. Fair enough.

Talk to the cook here to learn about his problem – he needs to prepare a special dish for the guest in the bar. Unfortunately, you don’t know what it is, but you know where the guest had it – at the governor’s mansion. That’s where we’ll head next.

First, return to Low Street, then past the shops and onto High Street. Continue left past the establishments on High Street onto the cliff path until you find the governor’s mansion.

Return to Monkey Island

Enter the governor’s mansion through the front door to have a ‘chat’ with Carla.

After the conversation, examine her bookcase, which is located just to the left of the stairs going up. One of the books is titled ‘Ingredients’, so examine it and then ask to borrow it.

Turns out that now you have to apologize to Carla, so that’s going to be our next objective.

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