Return to Monkey Island Guide – Part 1 (The Pirate Leaders)

Stuck in Return to Monkey Island? Here’s how to find the pirate leaders and the ship you’ll be sailing on to go to Monkey Island.

Return to Monkey Island Guide Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to Return to Monkey Island! This guide was written with Hard Mode in mind, but Casual Mode users need not fear as the guide will note wherever the casual mode is different.

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Part 1: A Friendly Place

Section 1 (The Pirate Leaders and the Ship)

Begin by talking to the Old Pirate Lookout, i.e. the old man next to the fire. Here you’re learn about the situation at hand. After ending the conversation, check your todo list for your newest objectives.

Let’s begin with ‘Talk to Pirate Leaders to Get Money’. For that, head down the steps to the docks. Continue down the path until your find the bar with the sign ‘Scumm Bar’. Enter the door here.

Now head to the right on this screen to find a colorful trio of pirates. Talk to them to go through an equally colorful conversation.

After the conversation ends, check your todo list for some updates. You now need to get or find a ship. There seems to be one docked right now, so go left from the docks and choose to ‘stroll along the docks’. Talk to the ghostly quartermaster here and apply for a job.

At the end of this conversation, it’ll turn out that you need to get your own mop to be a swabbie on LeChuck’s ship. You will also need to somehow not be recognized by the quartermaster. These new objectives will be added to your todo list.

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