Return to Monkey Island Guide – Part 2 (Flattened Skull)

Check out our Return to Monkey Island guide to learn how to acquire the skull and then flatten it to complete the potion.

Return to Monkey Island Guide Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for Return to Monkey Island! This guide was written with Hard Mode in mind, but Casual Mode users need not fear as the guide will note wherever the casual mode is different.

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Part 2: A Dangerous Journey

Section 2 (Flattened Skull)

Proceed right until you see a ladder. Use it to climb up to the deck. Head on over to where LeChuck is to find out what he’s planning. It turns out that you will need to complete a potion in order to get to Monkey Island, and you specifically need to find a flattened skull to finish the task.

Return to Monkey Island Guide - Part 2 (Flattened Skull)

Begin by heading back into the ship and moving to the left of the stairs, where you’ll be caught by Gullet and tossed back into the hold. Inside the hold, open the crate on the right side if you haven’t already, and you’ll meet a classic friend.

Return to Monkey Island Guide - Part 2 (Flattened Skull)

Pick up Murray once he’s out of the crate. You will have options to either do so against his will, or to convince him to be picked up. It’s up to you and your sense of talking-skull ethics. Once you have Murray in your inventory, head back out the porthole.

Climb back up over the railing and re-enter the ship. This time, be careful not to be caught by Gullet. Instead, look for the laundry machine near the base of the screen, between the stairs and the door to LeChuck’s cabin. This machine will be perfect for flattening a skull, so begin by examining it.

Return to Monkey Island Guide - Part 2 (Flattened Skull)

You will then have to fix the laundry machine to get your skull flattened, so look in your inventory for a bunch of screws (which you got from the porthole) and fix the laundry machine by using them on the laundry machine.

Return to Monkey Island Guide - Part 2 (Flattened Skull)

Next, use Murray on the laundry machine to flatten him and go back up the stairs to the hold. Again, be careful not to stray too far left, or you’ll be tossed in the hold and have to return to the deck by way of the greasy porthole.

Return to Monkey Island Guide - Part 2 (Flattened Skull)

Once up on the deck, approach the cauldron and use flat Murray on the cauldron to toss him into it. This completes your potion… well, for a moment.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke