Return to Monkey Island Guide – Prelude (Optional Goals)

Stuck in Return to Monkey Island? Here’s how to complete all the optional goals in the Prelude part of the game.

Return to Monkey Island Guide Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to Return to Monkey Island! This guide was written with Hard Mode in mind, but Casual Mode users need not fear as the guide will note wherever the casual mode is different.

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Prelude: An Unexpected Story Begins

Section 2 (Optional Goals)

In the second screen, you’ll be given a to-do list. You don’t have to do any of these tasks to proceed, but note that once you proceed from this area, you will not be able to return to it later (as Chuckie mentions at the gate).

To proceed through the area, simply follow the path all the way to the right and pass through the gate, heading further right. This part of the walkthrough will focus on completing the to-do list (which you can view in the inventory).

Check Out the Anchor

Simply go to the anchor near the entrance of the area and interact with it. This bit teaches you how to skip dialogue, which you can do if you want to get through the dialogue quickly. Personally, I liked hearing about the anchors.

Return to Monkey Island screenshot

Beat Chuckie in a Race

Interact with the race course to the right of the anchor to challenge Chuckie to a race. Here, when Dee is counting down, position your cursor beyond the race track’s finish line. Once Dee says ‘Go’, double-click there to go really fast and win. Now you know how to move fast.

Feed the Duck

For this one, first acquire the four-leaf clover from the optional objective below, and then use the four-leaf clover on the duck in the pond.

Add Some Sauce to My Scurvydog

Look for red sauce on the path to the right of the pond, but to the left of the four-leaf clover area. Interact with it, then pick it up. Open up your inventory, grab the red glob, and then spread it over your scurvydog.

Practice Swordfighting

Head to the swordfighting area, which you’ll find located directly north of the pond (it looks like a ship). Click on the area to practise swordfighting. (If you try interacting with Dee, she will refuse to swordfight).

Find a Four-Leaf Clover

The four-leaf clover can be located on a mound to the right of the duck pond. The clover itself is tiny and randomly placed, but it should be easy to spot with its lighter green color. Grab it when it’s highlighted.

Make a Wish at the Wishing Well

The wishing well is located near the pink exit gate. Look on the path leading to the well for a gold coin and pick it up. Grab the coin from your inventory and toss it into the well. Pick any of the options here.

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