Röki Walkthrough – Chapter 1 (Part 2 – Escape)

Stuck in Röki? This question-based walkthrough will guide you through the first chapter of the game, covering the escape from the monster.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Röki. As Röki is mostly an open-ended puzzle adventure game, this guide is written in a question-and-answer format, so that you can focus on each problem individually.

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Chapter 1 (Part 2 – Escape)

Röki screenshot

How do I escape the monster and get downstairs?

First, pick up the shard of jagged wood lying on the floor. Use the wood on the monster’s hand. When the hand goes away, you will still need to get downstairs.

Pick up the pieces of cloth lying around: there will be 3 in all that you can pick up, and 1 that you can’t pick up. Combine the three pieces of cloth together in your inventory to form a makeshift rope.

Use your rope on the piece of wood jutting out from the wooden floor, near where Lars is standing.

How do I attack the monster downstairs?

You need to combine a molotov cocktail. Pick up the cloth lying on the floor near Lars, then pick up the bottle of alcohol lying just to the left of Tove’s father Henrik, and then combine these two items in your inventory.

Now use the bottle with the fireplace to light it up and then use your molotov cocktail on the monster’s hand.

Röki screenshot

How do I get the sled down and escape from the cellar?

The monster breaks down the wooden planks whenever it notices light, so you need to find a way to light up the area below the sled.

First, pick up the flashlight that’s on the cardboard box to the right of the stairs.

Next, run to the right side of the cellar and open the lower cupboard door to find a battery. Use the drawers next to the cupboard to find that the lower drawer is locked.

Examine the cardboard box to the left of the screen, in the back of the cellar (near the red bowling ball). Here, you’ll find a chisel.

Use the chisel on the locked drawer to the right side of the screen to get the drawer open.

Now run to the left side of the screen and use the screwdriver on Robbo Robot. This will get you the two batteries you need for the flashlight.

Use both batteries on the flashlight to power it up. Once they’re in, use the flashlight on the sled.

Examine the sled to continue.

How do I track down Lars and the monster?

On the first screen, examine the footprint and then scare the ravens off. Run in any direction, and keep doing so until you find the ravens sitting on a fallen tree branch to the left of the screen. Scare them off of this branch to reveal some marbles. Examine the marbles to proceed.

After this, you need to examine the exits of each screen to find marbles. If you see marbles, the exit is the correct path forward. If you find pebbles, berries, or mushrooms, then you’ll return to the same screen going by that exit.

The marbles may be hidden below snow as well, so examine any mounds of snow you come across. You may also simply need to follow the fresh footprints of the monster if Tove says so.

Continue this way until you encounter the glowing blue portal.

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