Röki Walkthrough – Chapter 2 (Part 1 – Hurting Troll, Mother Tree, Dagger)

Stuck in Röki? This walkthrough will guide you through helping the troll, awakening the Mother Tree, and sharpening the dagger.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Röki. As Röki is mostly an open-ended puzzle adventure game, this guide is written in a question-and-answer format, so that you can focus on each problem individually.

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Chapter 2

How do I open the door in the tree to the left of the portal clearing?

Examine the door a couple of times and Tove will tell you that you need something to prise it. Run towards the lake and you’ll find a boat with an oar on it. Grab the oar. Use the oar on the door to open it up.

How do I open the gate to the church?

Run past the gate to the left of the screen, until you encounter a ladder going up to a floor of wooden planks. Here, there are three nests. Examine the nests one by one, and in whichever is the third nest you examine, you’ll find a hair pin. Use the hair pin on the gate to unlock it.

How do I help the hurting troll Trollhilde?

First examine the troll, and you’ll notice that there’s a dagger stuck in her back. Run to the left, past the troll, until you find a hole in the roof of a cabin that is buried in the snow. Enter the hole, go down the ladder, and pick up the bear trap on the right side of the screen.

Next, enter the church premises, and then the church itself. You’ll find a sturdy rope lying coiled on one of the pews. Pick it up.

Combine the Bear Trap with the Rope, and then go to the bridge above the troll. Standing right above the troll, use your bear trap-rope contraption on the troll. This will help not only the troll, but will net you a (blunt) dagger.

Röki screenshot

How do I wake up the Mother Tree?

When you enter the Mother Tree via the door to the right of the Portal Clearing, the Mother Tree will be asleep.

First, you need to scare away the ravens by running towards them. Next, there’s a couple of ravens up top. To make those ravens go away, you need use Pebbles on them.

You can find some pebbles on the floor in Trollhilde’s cave, which you can access after you have helped pull the dagger out of her back. The cave is located beneath the bridge, to the right of the stream.

After you have helped the Mother Tree, you can access the East side of the forest.

How do I fix the watermill and sharpen the dagger?

To sharpen the dagger, you need to fix the watermill first. To fix the watermill, you need to summon a Tomte.

Tomtes are hungry creatures, so you will need to prepare a meal for them. First, pick up the porridge oats in the sunken cabin to the left of the church and Trollhilde’s bridge (the same one where you found the bear trap). The porridge oats are located on the bottom floor, near some barrels.

Next, go to the watermill and head downstairs using the ladder. Pick up the wooden handle to the right of the room, near the gear.

Go back upstairs and exit through the backdoor. From the back, follow the wooden planks to the right to find a small well. To use this well, use your handle on the well, and then use the well itself.

Röki screenshot

Now go back into the watermill and pick up the Dry Wood that’s near the backdoor. Finally, pick up the box of matches that’s lying on one of the barrels near the front door. This completes your preparations.

You’ll notice a small fireplace between the two windows of the watermill. Use your dry wood on it, and then your matches. This will get a fire going.

Use water on the pot to get it boiling, and finally, use your porridge oats on the pot. This will complete your porridge.

Near the front door, you’ll find a little mouse-sized hole and a bowl kept within some chalk circles. Pick up this bowl and use it on the porridge in the pot.

Place the pot with the porridge back onto the concentric circles and behold: a Tomte! Follow the Tomte downstairs. Once the watermill is fixed, use your blunt dagger on the grindstone to get a sharpened dagger .

You can now use the dagger to cut things that need cutting, such as the purple tentacular growths blocking your way in places.

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